About Me: I live and work in Kenya and Sudan on a personal mission to incubate projects which can and will help feed both Africa and then the rest of the world. Not only should we see farming as a mechanism to growing food but also impact social, econonomic and ecology domains. Im the West, we have forgotten the power of food and farming. Meanwhile in East Africa, there are not only 80 million smallholder farmers but 80% of the region's food is produced by women. We need to build a bridge between North America and Africa to develop new policy as well as socially equitable foriegn direct investment in new production models. Beyond their practical role as farmers, women are also mothers. They will be the first and most practical voice in ending the region's child malnutrition.

My Passions: Africa, women, food security, child nutrition, human rights, education and water

My Challenges: educating about the potential of Africa's smallholder farmers

My Vision for the Future: Teaching 1 million women in East Africa to be better farmers!

My Areas of Expertise: ecology, green farming, income generation, sustainability

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