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Rachelle Slater
Posted September 28, 2009 from Australia
Xhemile (1/1)

Welcome! As if I am not busy enough I have started yet another blog - Make Sell Sponsor. This one is in addition to Mia Henry and Mia Henry - Food. I started it because I need a place to write about what is a big part of my life - trying to help women around the world through the Women for Women Sponsorship Program. I have managed to sponsor one woman so far, Xhemile from Kosovo. I raised the money for her sponsorship by selling baby blankets on etsy and made it. I will continue to make, hopefully sell and of course sponsor. Hence the name "make sell sponsor".

Let me introduce Xhemile and give you an idea of what you receive when you sponsor a women through this program. Xhemile is from Kosovo, you can read about the Kosovo War here. She has 5 children and a grandson that she cares for. That's five boys and one girl. She is married, lives in a house with intermittent electricity and can't afford health care, she would like to help her family financially and hopes to do this by participating in the Women for Women Sponsorship program.

I am now able to write to Xhemile and hopefully support her with my letters as she goes through the program. WFW was started by Zainab Salbi, an amazing woman from Iraq. I am reading her memoir at the moment, Between Two Worlds and it is so good, she is an excellent writer and you feel so close to her through the book. I'm not sure where this blog wil take us but I'm looking forward to it so I hope you can stay with me and see what happens!

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  • Jade Frank
    Sep 29, 2009
    Sep 29, 2009

    Hi Rachelle,

    Thank you for sharing your incredible initiative in supporting Xhemile in Kosovo through your craft and sales on Etsy. What a great way to use your own talents to invest back into women! Please keep us updated!

    Warm regards, Jade