About Me: Rao Community Development Initiative (RACODI) - Uganda is a registered grassroot Community Based, not-for-profit, organization in Amach Sub County of Lira district, Northern Uganda founded by young people. The organisation is registered with Amach Sub County Local Government, Lira NGO Forum, Alebtong District Local Government and Lira District Local Government.

It arose out of the desire to meet the needs of the community that have few or no organisations intervening in addressing issues that face the community today.

Vision: “A Peaceful, Healthy, Educated, Self sustained and Developed Community”

Mission: “Striving for Peace, socio-economic development of the Children, Youth, and Women through: information dissemination, vocational skills development, education, community outreaches, moral and psychosocial support, referrals and linking for appropriate services/support”

Aims and objectives a) To improve the socio-economic welfare of children, women, and youth in Northern Uganda who have been deprived of such development to cope up with the rest of the country and entire Globe which have gone far in socio-economic development through: agricultural rehabilitation, income generating activities and advocacy. b) To encourage the youth in Northern Uganda who have lost hope for formal Education to realize their talent by encouraging them to engage in activities that enable them acquire life skills through vocational skills development training, performing arts in order to promote self sustenance. c) To give hope to children, women and youth in Northern Uganda infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and helping those who have been affected to protect them selves from HIV/ AIDS. d) To reduce the effects of violence and conflict on children, women and the youth especially in Northern Uganda that has for over twenty(20) years suffered the effects of the LRA insurgency and advocate for upholding children’s and women’s rights. e) To protect the environment through; advocacy and supporting environmental projects so as to curb global warming.

My Passions: Working for the vulnerable people

My Challenges: Funds

My Vision for the Future: “A Peaceful, Healthy, Educated, Self sustained and Developed Community”

My Areas of Expertise: NGO work

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