About Me: Every since I was a very young girl, I have had a sense of being a representative for the voices that couldn't or wouldn't be heard in my community. I have found my place in the workings of our society by helping women and childrenfind their voices through self-expression.

I am an artist, an performer, a poet, and a student of the heart. I am currently working on my Masters in Counseling. My dream for the future grows bigger everyday. But alway, it includes remembering to create a space for healing and hope...for myself and others.

My Passions: voice, story, connections, and presence

My Challenges: the physical

My Vision for the Future: A world where it is safe enough to be unsafe. The Greeks called this temenos...it was where the dieties were said to live.

My Areas of Expertise: expressive arts, integrated arts curriculum, personalized wedding ceremonies

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Hi! An artist! How's it going! Welcome to PulseWire! We have, under "PulseWire" a groups link if you want to go there to find other artists like yourself, or maybe even start your own. Can't wait to hear your opinions and ides for the future. See you around.