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Death Sings A Lullaby

To be perfectly honest with you, I have a really hard time believing this OpEd. You make some pretty tough accusations, but none of the testimonials have any dates. Automatically, people would assume that you are talking about very recent times, especially with the situation in Syria being headline news among all international media channels. But when did UNICEF make that announcement that 384 children have been killed? How recent is it? Does it have to do what's going on today in Syria, or has these instances taken place over the last year or two?

I was also confused with the geographic coverage of your article. You mentioned Homs, and yet your accusations suggests that really all children of Syria are being imprisoned and abused. Are these atrocities happening in all of the cities/regions of Syria? Of course, just one such act of a child is enough to protest, and it doesn't matter where they live. Still, I would like to know if such instances have geographic connotations (i.e. like the situation in Northern Uganda with the kidnapping of children to become child soldiers).

I also couldn't come to grip with why the government would do this to children. I've heard of similar stories when it comes to groups trying to recruit child soldiers and also when it comes to inhumane treatment of juvenile delinquents, but never at children in such a random matter. What is the real motive behind these atrocities? I just don't buy the explanation that the Syrian government would do such things to warn families to not go against them. I have a very hard time believing that that is true.