I am a Phenomenal woman

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted December 30, 2017


it is not impure

It comes out of my own body,

As pure as I am.

Every month is thus

a reminder to Myself

as a phenomenal being.

A phenomenal woman,

A fertile beauty.

Could fertility ever be impure?

List of Do's and Dont's!!

Hilarious, funny and

rubbish at the same time.

Dear society,

You need to grow up

And understand...

Understand that bleeding

Is a natural process

A nature to which

All the phenomenal women

are Entitled with!

You need to understand,

It is no more time to bear taboos

Over the pain that

almost crushes us every month


that hot water bag

over my tummy

From hours and hours is

The reason behind

Red hues that of a sun set

below my Belly button.

Don't teach my poor body T

o be ashamed of its functioning

Teach me if you can

To be proud of it

For it Breeds life,


We, the phenomenal

women beings

Teach and bring

to rest of the world


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