Happy International Women's Day

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted March 8, 2018 from Pakistan
Beholding the Phenomenal beauty ! I am an empowered woman! Beware my Being!

Behind every empowered women there is a brain constantly on fire. She uses it to have some mercy on her poor self and when brain is used power is the outcome. Women empowerment is all about having a say in choosing your own life and that it is about saying no to expected certain types of behavior. Simplicity is the highest form of women empowerment and that its not about westernization and branded fashion. Trust me you can be empowered residing on top of a remote village and still have a glittering hope of owning yourself that sparkle to the rest of the world roaring a sound for every one to be heard don't you dare telling me because i am a woman i am less of a human being.

Use your brain and get empowered.  

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