The peak of helplessness

Rakhshinda Shakir
Posted August 5, 2018 from Pakistan

Girls go to polling station eyes straight on the road, scarf tightly on the head in this pinching weather, make sure don't wear prominent clothes, cast your vote and follow back. Boys: Carrying banners, wearing party caps, dancing on roads, laughing and giggling, staying near the polling station and showing respect and support. In the meanwhile, you hear them shout "PTI" while you stare your phone screen texting people for the update listening to the scream of the jubilant boys caged in the four-walled home measuring the heights of the mountains around. In the peak of a celebration of several parties vote to cast, and the full zeal of street commemoration brothers of my valley made me crave for the freedom they owned. Like a worthless creature caged in the house, my inner guts kept melting in a sigh of as if to be daughter meant a curse. Restrictions from wearing to, walking on roads to, minding your laugh to, not even allowed to scream in support of the party you favor, and you mock me when I speak of gender equality. Equality is not even a question, but here I doubt if women are even considered worthy like men. In a valley vast open and imaginary, I feel less of who I am, caged and burning under desires "would that my people like the place itself grow vast in the head." A voice from piles of restrictions echoing, " save us if you can. !! #Rsambassador #keeprising #myvoice

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Aug 05, 2018
Aug 05, 2018

Hey there stranger,

How's it going? How did the election go?

Never stop speaking up. I know you won't.

Tamarack Verrall
Aug 08, 2018
Aug 08, 2018

Dear Rakhshinda,

Shout it out, sister! These are the bizarre and inhuman ways men insist on us staying quiet and self contained in the background. We are here to change every one of these rules together. I celebrate your roar fuelled by your burning desires. May your voice break the sound barriers with your powerful song for freedom.

With love in sisterhood,