Every one has their own dream,own choice,desire to acheive something great,to get peace and of course priority in their family.Every woman has also the same desire,the same hope and feelings that I have mentioned above.But the question is 'Does every woman gets the privilege to express it..?"
There are thousands of woman around the world who have the voice to speak but does not have the right ,who have the will to do something good but bury their thoughts deep inside their heart. Women are always sacrificing their wishes,dreams,love for their family but in return they get nothing.They are frustrated,they are forced to stay quite either by their family or by their husband.Their silent tears break their heart into pieces but still cannot stand against the injustice that are done to them.Fear seems to surround them every now and then and thus they cannot share their stories with other.They remain numb and tolerate all the odds that they are forced to face....

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