About Me: I am a development project management professional ,involved in the development of Nepal through various I/NGOs and GOs as a practitioner/consultant in nature conservation, local development, tourism and conflict recovery.Currently I contribute in a conflict recovery project with the capacity of Senior Monitoring Communication and Documentation Officer. I have got sound academic excellence in MA (Rural Development) and extensively trained in development project management in Eco-tourism, Nature Conservation and Local Development .

My Passions: I learn from rural poor people, I live with them, I get inspired by them, I help them, motivate them and encourage them to live life in dignity and freedom as defined by themselves.

My Challenges: Weak networks and communication in Development Management Circle

My Vision for the Future: Development Aid Management Expert

My Areas of Expertise: Development Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation,Policy Research ,Capacity building and Documentation

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Thank you for accepting my invitation Rameshwor ji and I am sure you will find many people over here who are development field and you will be able to broaden ur communication network here!

find others profile and journals in the voices rising on the pulse wire option above!

you can contribute to pulse wire by sharing your experiences in the development field.



Nilima from Nepal

Dear Nilima,

Thank you so much for inviting me in the e-world you are associated with. Its nice to be here and I am knowing to know a lot about the voices of women from around the world. Surely I will find other profiles and journals on the voices of the voiceless of people from the global village.

With Love and regards Ramu, Nepal

Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

It’s so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fabulous time with your new online friends as well as find this to be a very positive experience. I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community. Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!



Dear Fatima,

Thank you so much .Its really its a matter of pleasure for me to be connected with you all .I will surely be sharing the storeis as well as hearning from you all.

With love and regards Ramu

WElcome here.

As Nilima said you have all kind of friend here and you can share and learn with all of us here.

I can see you work with people on the ground and I love your Job. Thanks for being there for all these people and we are waiting to read your experience and development stories...

Welcome Ramu!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Dear Harmony,

I will surely share my experiences with you all good people and equally love to hear from all of you. Thank you for initiating to write me and welcoming me.

With love and Regards Ramu from Nepal