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What do YOU believe are the great possibilities of China?

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Ramya-- Thanks for doing this at such an important time.

I spent last August and September in Tibetan areas of China and was amazed by both how far China has come and how far the country's development has to go. Recent earthquakes reveal how superficial some of the changes there are...and it is so sad what is disappearing to create them. One city I was in, Chengdu, had Disneyland-ified the old section of their town and was about to raze one of the few old blocks that were non-Disneyland-ish to put in another shopping mall. (Funny note: country music spilled out of most of the malls in Chengdu...) While I was there I also heard about a New York-city sized city that sprang up within the space of a's really phenomenal...

The costs side--in terms of lost culture-- are also phenomenal. I was so glad to see so much of Tibetan culture while I was there, because it is changing. Young people are taking to hip-hop, Han populations in Tibetan towns are increasing to the detriment of locals, and racism (not overt racism, but the 'you must be backwards' sort) seems quite prevalent in the culture. (Although, Tibetans seem to have it luckier than most minorities there...)

For more about the Tibetan part of my trip, including some notes about a v rural are I ended u pin, check out the blog I kept while traveling:

Two Months in Tibet

Enjoy! And I look forward to hearing about others' China revelations...


Wow—your travel blog is amazing. I recommend that you join the group the China Connections Cafe if you haven't already and post this there for more visibility!

I'd love to know what your thoughts are about the Olympics and the international response—I have heard so many discussions and opinions about the best way to engage with China around human rights abuses given the 2008 Summer Olympics. I encourage you to post in the group so that those who have an interest in China are notified of your response and a robust discussion can take place!


I really enjoyed reading your travel blog. You certainly made quite a few friends and saw some beautiful places. I don't know about eating yak meat, though!! I'm sure you got a very personal and interesting perspective on Tibet when you stayed with the people at Kham Kampo (!!

As always I have the highest hopes for justice, freedom of expression, affordable food and housing and access to medical care in China and worldwide. The Human Rights Watch has published a wealth of a resource for journalists that will be reporting in China during the Olympics. I think that Minky Worden, media director at Human Rights Watch, said it quite well, “We hope that reporters headed to Beijing will do their best to tell the complex story of life in China today, including the important human stories beyond the sports arenas."

I hope to soon hear from any Chinese members on PulseWire about what's going on in their communities!!!


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