Posted November 23, 2010 from India

Respected President Obamaji,

Kill the violence be it any kind against women!

Violence is not necessarily in the form of beating but it is mental as well. I will share an incident for which I am the eyewitness. A young couple eating at a restaurant in Delhi, India. Age 20-25 years. Lady talking nicely, calmly to her friend. But he did not like whatever spoken by her and said " bavkuff kahin ki" ( idiot) and used his spoon full of sauces and noodles to rub on her nose very very near to her right eye. The girl is still calm with no reaction at all. Few minutes later she cleaned it. Being in a public place she was careful not to show her emotions but the guy was not. Is this not a violence? And to add to all these she payed the bill also. This is what a lady, a women is going through in this century also. Come on let's change it!

Lets make a world where we respect each other from the depth of our heart. Let not the women snatch the respect or honour which she is supposed to get. It should flow in family, community, country and world.

Myself being a Director with Department of Telecommunication , Government of India. I do face the problem of not being treated equally many a times. My juniors sometimes try to disobey me unnecessarily indulging into discussion or avoiding the instructions. If I talk more in front of my husband to housemaids, drivers, etc. they say we don't prefer taking instructions from women let your husband speak. Ha?

Once long time back ( 8 years old) I was expecting my child as well as promotion. I requested for continuing in the same organisation after promotion. I was told by a senior officer " why should I recommend your case, you will be mostly on leave after your delivery!?" Is this not violence?

Let us all unite and teach our children to give respect to various faces of women i.e. Grandma, Mummy, sister, wife and daughter and help them. To start with let there be an act which strictly asks people to limit their anger and actions against women. This will lead to a world wherein we will expect people to live and let live happily.

Jai ho!

Submitted by: Alpana Shukla Rao Delhi India

Please join the PulseWire community in speaking out against violence and urging the U.S. government to pass the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA). Write your letter in your PulseWire journal to share your personal and observed experience in gender-based violence, both in your life and within your community. Tag your journal "IVAWA", and World Pulse will send your letter directly to President Obama, along with letters from women around the world. Learn more: http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/programs/international-violence-agai...

The International Violence Against Women Act

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  • Jade Frank
    Dec 20, 2010
    Dec 20, 2010

    Dear Alpana,

    Thank you for participating in the IVAWA letter writing campaign and for sharing your voice and your personal testimony with President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and members of the US Senate on the urgency of ending violence against women.

    We sent copies of your letter in packages, along with your fellow PulseWire members', to these key decision makers, and I am excited to announce that on December 15, the International Violence Against Women Act was approved by the Foreign Relations Committee! Our voices were effective in supporting this bill!

    Next step for the bill: Get passed by the Senate and House by the end of the year. I will keep you updated!

    In friendship and solidarity, Jade Frank

    Online Community Manager World Pulse

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