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I am very happy 2 dedicate this article to my brother and of course to my parents too!

Well i have been the student of management for last 3 years and a lover of management from the day i used to be the class representative. I was known as the class manager and apparently it was the time i love the word, management. I never was aware of the fact that management is a profession as well as an art. I was not even able to spell the word management nor the profession. It took me years to understand management and its feasibility, even it was not a difficult one rather repetitive. As i got admission in a higher secondary school, i was asked to chose my stream and all of sudden i got my mind focussed on the word management. I was quite happy to chose management as my stream but unfortunately it was only a subject and a part of commerce. Latter, not after more than a week i was dreaming myself to be a good management professional and was very deeply hurt when i remember the man telling me management was only a subject not a stream. I always was in the favor of one of my friend who wish management to be a stream and it was mine dream too to change management latter into a stream with having a wide range of scope and commerce as its one branch. probably i once more was not aware of a truth that management already was having a wide range scope and many branches. what was my dream was luckily another persons accomplished job! When the time came, i applied to a collage for my higher studies and got admitted very safely. Till now i have dreamed nothing about management rather than compressing its nature and reliability...

I studied management at my best and that is why i never repent when i look back but my future a journey of an end. I was quit eager to brought changes in management and its nature of flexibility but i realize it was someones other job and was accomplished before many years, may be i haven't even born that time. I always feel ashamed when i learn that i was learning for my past. Management was a part of my life but i forget it owes its own life to someone else. Anyway i don't lose control on my back and always tried to gain much over management. . Its was after a long period i use to read management other than learning it. I feel sorry to say that management has got nothing to learn without its spelling. It never went wrong to learn management rather it always keeps a man right but what for them who always are at left.

Management means something different other than what it teaches. Even an illiterate can be a great manager and even a professional one(w.s.willson), if this is a fact than why a man need to get educated(literate) to be a good manager.

I agree that nothing could be achieved until you learn about it but according to "HIMARI", MANAGEMENT comes out the first and then comes the baby(new born). Management is a natural subject and it needs not to be learned but to be furnished. All Art is natural and every profession is man-made then how can be a subject both natural and man-made?

Is management losing control over it and that is why it is revolving both around a professional and an artist. I mean who is to blame, Author, management or the scholars. I apologize, i did't mean what i say about scholars but has not a flaw been kept hidden even very well known to human. I heard it several times that management is having a great scope, is it management or commerce(professional).

Last night i read a book written by a very well known author "A.S.DANYOL"(name changed), and he stated somewhere in his book that management is not only a profession but also a natural art. I would like to ask him what then is the man-made art?

If management is a natural art and a man-made profession then how can a man be expected to be very good natural artist and a man-made professional, a good manager and if it is then is it normal to call every management(professional) degree holder a manager like me or does he needs an art as well. I am not educating something new but educating what i think has been ejaculated.

I am in search of a human with a heart so that he can bear me and i can listen to him. Please find out the hidden fact that management is only an art which needs to be furnished either by education or by implementation or by both. No doubt an art need experience but not like that of a profession.

In profession u needs to implement and in art u needs to experiment .Profession grows with education but Art grows with speculation. I AM SURE NO POWER CAN CLAIM MY THOUGHTS TO BE WRONG RATHER NEW AND UNDER RESEARCH. N.F.ALBERT says in his book (MANAGEMENT AND EDUCATION) that, "one can practice management as a professional but can never prove it a profession"..I got a comment on my previous article "NEED AND A NEEDLE" from institute of MEDICAL SCIENCES AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, (FRANCE), arguing my one single statement and agreeing on the rest. I personally thank them from the core of my heart. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU, "LETUSC1989@GMAIL.COM". THANKS.

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Management is an art, and a hard one to develop. To manage you have to be good with money, people, and having control over ever resource. To manage properly one needs to be respected and yet loved. Not easily manipulated yet not fear. They have to first acknowledge their wrongs before they blame others. Most importantly, they can't let their pride get in the way. The dynamics of good management is a never ending task. I give you all my faith and hope that you will get the support you need to perform at your best.

In support, Carri Pence