Republic Islamic of Afghanistan is a country that spent a lot of war , dark days, hardships and most of this people can not learn knowledge and improve, Yes spite,greif,and war created in the heart of each person and nowadays there is war ,insecurity in the country who these are a lot of problems that prevent who Afghans can not learn knowledge and those person go to school they are opposite with some problems and other thing that became they can not learn it is economy s poverty because leisure and for an Afghan s person is difficult that get his life s expense and his children s expense that they go to school then an Afghan s young and an Afghan s children have to work hard , and spend to working all their time .and they can not learn knowledge but we thank God. Because Afghanistan was a desolate, saw war, and rudeness country, special rudeness with women, manner Islamic s religion give this right to women. Who women can learn and work out that at last women can not learn or work outside. But nowadays this country is improving women and men are learning. and they learn with a lot of wishes, up to they reach their country to success and Afghan s youth go to knowledge s way, and they save their country and people from darks, ignorance from this light way .and we see the youth go to knowledge to happily, and if do this manner, Afghanistan will directed itself at 10 years next, and I have wish who manifest Afghan s youth s talents one day. And Afghan s people be best to learning. The end

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Raziye, thank you for sharing your voice with us. It's wonderful to read your writing and to learn about your hopes and dreams for Afghanistan's men, women, and youth. I do hope you'll continue to update us about your country and your life.

With love, Corine

Dearest Raziya,

You voice is powerful and your vision for Afghanistan is clear in that you see a bright future through the education of children, young women and men, who will re-build your country and culture to be pure, peaceful and prosperous again. And I sense that you will be a great force in that process as well.

Are you a teacher with AIL?

In friendship, Jade