Woman's right

raziye houseini
Posted August 3, 2010 from Afghanistan

At the ferst woman is a person that has important roul in asocity . manner said in the holy Quarn , the Heaven is unther the Mother's foot. Back we know , that Islum religion give to women aperfect right.beacause beafor Islum religion people bury the women . if borth agirl's child in a family then all the family was sad . and if borth a boy's child in afamily then all of the family was happy . when created Islum religion so created a special light . then Islum religion announced debarred .bury girls ,and said women and men have equal right , woman can learn and works out of the home ofcours conform Islum religion and the husband should gives woman's alimony and said woman can takes money when she does the home's work or feed to a child .and any one doesn't have right that oppres obove the wonme ,and other rights that Islum give to women . but unfortttunatly there were some person , that thought women is aperson that stay in the house that don't let to women that they learn . like Talebans , that they thought so . and women of Afghanistan spent a lot of problems ,pains . compulsory mariages and family's problems and fanily I have wish all of women of Afghanistan learn and improve and every one should respect to women's right . And I have wish , that don't be tired from my speaking.

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