In developing countries such as African countries, a double burden of malnutrition is emerging alongside the health problems associated with overnutrition such as obesity, diabetes and stroke. I am interested in learning how to prepare to meet the rising challenges. I possess strong leadership skills, research, management, interpersonal, communication and analytical skills. I draw inspiration from the land of my birth, Ghana, because there are so many opportunities that are yet to be tapped into. When I need advice about career and life decisions, I go to Dr. Adelia Bovell Benjamin, she served as my major advisor in grad school, and the work she does in her country with diabetes and cancer, challenges me to think about my country and how I can contribute to the total wellness of the nation and productivity at large. I hope to learn a lot through mentorship and gain exposure through this program.

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Dear Rebecca, Thank you for your journal. Your skills are nice! You are confident your many skills! Besides, you have a person you rely on. I think you will grow yourself wonderfully.

Thank you.