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Tonight is the first time I actually gave credence to the battlefields once bloodied across America. For a moment, every civil war in every country on earth flashed through my mind; littered with disturbing images. The female in me wept; for every mother who lost a son, a husband or a brother. For every sister who lost a brother, a father, or a lover. Than my thoughts drifted to the complexities woven in situations of civil war; cousins against cousins, in-laws against in-laws, blood against blood. How can a nation watch a civil war, feel the deep pain from such an act, and have the ability to pick up arms again? Ever? It's baffles me, it troubles me. As women, we should lead like women when our time comes to lead. We should not dress like men, or pretend to be like a man in order to gain political power. We should behave EXACTLY like who we are; women. When our children disagree, do we send them into the backyard with sticks and stones and tell them to "war it out"? That is what the world needs; leaders that ACT like women. Yes, that is what we need.