KUBATANA WOMEN CLUB One small Acer laptop is what it takes for Rebuild Sakubva to ensure that the women of the old Sakubva township get visibility and oppportunities to get international markets for their projects.With unemployment rate going over 80% in Zimbabwe some women in Sakubva have taken it upon themselves to be the breadwinners of their families.In Sakubva 60%of the women are household heads.They are engaging in various activities that bring in household income.Kushinga women's group is based in Devonshire,Sakubva Mutare and has 10 members.They make juices by mixing concentrated powder and citric acid.They then sale the products locally at a cost of USD2 for every 2litres.Their juices vary from orange,creamsoda and raspberry flavours.They sell on overage 10 bottles per day on a good day especially during month ends.In some cases they sell on credit to known customers.

Challenges Although these women make very good juice the bottles are not branded and this stops them from putting up their products in supermarkets.They also do the mixing at home because they do not have space to work from.One of the group members Mai Bakasa said that if they can get a bigger space to work from and capital to buy more inputs they can make more juice and thereby make more money.Most of the group members are widows and they use the money to pay for house rentals,water and electricity bills as well as school fees for their children.

Our Role as Rebuild Sakubva Rebuild Sakubva uses its website and Facebook page to create awareness for these women and other women groups so that they can get more and better markets.This has proved very useful as people outside Sakubva who have intyerest in their products are beginning to make enquiries of the product and project.For the women whose projects and products are being put up on internet this is their chance to learn about websites,Facebook and other social media.each day they come to get feedback on their product and page.ReSa Director also takes this chance to teach them on how to use the computer,make price list brochures and how to communicate with customers.The women enjoy the comments from people and everyday they come to check on how their product is faring on the web.Most of the women are not computer literate but they like to get feedback from the social forum and so each day they visit ReSa offices for the much needed feedback.They are now starting to appreciate what it means to have a computer and its uses.


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File website_kushinga.docx

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Women in prison continue to suffer double tragedy. Most of the problems they experience or they have been convicted of, mostly originate from retrogressive culture and denial to justice as well as poverty. FIDIPA an NGO realizes that some women after serving their term in prison do not have a proper place to settle or call home due to various reasons. Most of them suffer stigma and discrimination that they would rather squat somewhere that their background is not known. Others have no place to go at all or even a place to lay their head; and therefore join prostitution, risky jobs that could make them land back to prisons easily. Depending on the case most of their properties are sold by dependents or relatives in the name of trying to support their dependents or visiting them. The women in prison need basic needs like sanitary towels, sandles, panties of which they are not provided with at the moment here in Kenya. Some of them get through their relatives and friends who visit them while others who are not visited are left to suffer and at the mercy of those who have. Please join me to support the women in and out of prison.

I wish to network the women out of prison to share their experiences and development agenda through the internet for the improvement of their social and economic status. Please enable me achieve this dream starting from Kenya to East Africa and beyond. I am a gospel musician.


Dear Nyapaul Thanks for reading through our post and bringing awareness of your project through the web.I do indeed understand the dilemma of being in prison but at the same time l look at the women we work with in the vulnerable and poor areas.They are in a wall-less prison.Most of them have no access to the computer and learning about computers is something they do not see as beneficial.As Rebuild Sakubva we are indeed trying to show them that the internet is a good platform for networking,marketing and learning.The women we are introducing to the internet age from 25-70 years.I must say we get so much joy from the beaming faces when they get feedback from the internet on their work.I am hoping that one day they will realise that this is not just something they do for fun but for livelihoods as well.i wish you luch in your endeavour and l hope that one day we will meet to weave the web together

I was so happy to hear about the work you are doing at Rebuild Sakubva. What a great product the women are creating for their income generation. You have opened up a window to a whole new world for the women.

I have been one of the supporters of a women's weaving project in South Africa, the Mapusha Weavers. Getting a web site and being able to market their products globally through the internet, has helped them to grow and sustain their business and support their families. I hope that the women in Sakubva find additional support and resources now that they have the internet available. What a difference one laptop can make!

Will you give us a link to your website or Facebook page? I'd love to share your story with others.

Keep up the important work you are doing and thank you for letting us know about it.