In China, it seems that women are equal to men, as people said “women can hold half heaven”,women are encouraged to do what men can do. In fact, many Chinese women do not feel happily. As English medicinal (The Lancet) said: the suicide rate of man is higher than that of women all over the world, only in China, the suicide rate of women is high than that of men about 25 percent.

Chinese traditional culture prefer sons to daughters, it makes female women in rural face surviving pressure more than that of men. In city, career women have to give consideration to both job and domesticity, and also feel more pressure.

However, the most the biggest challenge and barrier to creating change in our community is that people especially female are numb about all the fact. Few media focus on the situation of women, and few people talk about the unfair under the ground.

How do I overcome these challenges and barriers? I am a journalist in a daily newspaper, now I am in charge of reporting the female affair. I report the women life more than before and discuss the fate of women more often. In the first, I think, people need to know how about reality. Sometime the report can help some women get help. Now, that is what I can do.

How to use PulseWire and other online communities to overcome these challenges in the future?

At the first, for my reporting, I can know women life in other country, and quote in the report. Second, when we talk about some policy, I can discuss it in PulseWire group and know different view in different county as reference. Because the barrier of the language, few women in China can log in the English website, few people know the reality about Chinese women, I think I can become the bridge to comminute the both.

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Dear Redsbird,

Somebody has to start somewhere and it seems that you are this somebody who is willing to take this risk. Please visit all the options offered on the Pulse website and read about all the services and options you may get. This is a platform where you can exchange with women leaders or leaders to be from over 150 countries. Thank you to take advantage of that and to ask for all the help you need to start this movement. Thank you to also keep me informed of your progress. Good luck.

Kadidia Doumbia

I admire the fact that you want to change the face of media reporting in China by focusing on the women. Projecting the image of women positively can help pull down negative cultures against them. Well done Redsbird!

Hello, I applaud what you're doing and resonate with all the issues that you've pointed out in all your posts regarding the conditions of women in China. As a matter of fact, I'm making a documentary about the exact issues you've mentioned about women in China --- my objective is to raise awareness of China's gender inequality to the western audience, maybe to the Chinese audience too if it can be shown there. Too much is written about the seismic transformation of China's economic prowess and hardly about the women migrant workers who power it! If you're interested in my project please contact me directly to my email

Keep up the good work!

Dear Redsbird, Thank you for your wonderful post. It opened a small window for me into the world of Chinese women and their struggles. Your work as a journalist is incredibly important, but your work as a female journalist is essential, for it is through your voice that our Chinese sisters will be heard.

Keep up the great work and those wonderful stories coming!

In sisterhood,


Dear Redsbird,

This is an excellent blog entry. It is so fascinating to hear about what it is like for women in China, especially from a journalist like yourself. I had no idea that the suicide rate was so high; it is very alarming that the ratio is so much higher for women than men -- that certainly points to a serious problem. I appreciate you providing context to explain the challenge of pervasive apathy about this in China and I am so happy to hear that you are using your power as a journalist to bring women's issues onto the table, to get discussed and seriously looked at.

Thank you for all you do!


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