A five years old boy worship Chairman Mao very much, then his parents take him to Beijing to visit the Mortal remains of Mao. It make the boy became timid and often said that he is afraid of death holding his mother. This is a real story I heard from a lesions of family educator training. The mother take part in these lesions is engaging in education, but they cannot educate their child correctly. “Now, almost all the careers in the world need appointment card,however, I was wondered that parents is the most hard and complex career,why it did not need any appointment card? That is not strange that many children has problems,the reason is their parents operating without a license.” The editor of “Family education instructor training materials” said. He is a famous family educator in China. As a famous newspaper name “Beijing Youth” reported: In China, there are60 millions parents admitted that their family education is failure and were confused about how to educate children. As reported, in the developed countries, every five hundred families has a family instructor. According to this proportion, 600 thousands family education instructors will be needed. I want to write module 2 writing assignment about family education in China. I am looking forward your suggestion. Thank you.

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This is going to be an interesting piece to read.I would like to find out more on what China,s innovations area in terms of family education.In my country/Kenya ,the structure of family education is not well structured. Points to consider in your writing; 1.I suggest you give a background overview of family education. 2.What has been the significant milestone in China,s realisation to Family Education. 3.Are there significant innovations you got from the community worth telling us-readers. Thanks and I appreciate your courage to tackle such a topic.

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

Thanks:what do you mean "give a background overview of family education",it is about the world or the China?what do you think the background should include? Thanks again.

Thank you so muc redsbird,I meant as you write let us know the origin of family education,the progress that has been there and then connect with global overview,what happening around the world.The rest I think Rachel has given a greenlight. Wish you great writing.

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

Dear Redsbird,

Great idea, but please make sure you write about something that has affected you personally. The frontline journal should be about something that affects you and that you are passionate about. It is less about other people's experience, and more about your own.

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