I have been working to assist many communities in Haiti and the one that is near and dear to my heart, aside from women and children has been Carrefour Feuilles. We have been "red zoned" and this means that many organization are not allowed to be here and there are many restrictions on the aid efforts in the country since the earthquake. I began my work here on January 14th when I arrived not expecting to do the work that I have been doing because I, like many others, didn't find out about our "red zone" status until we realized nothing was being done to aid this community, which is one of the largest, hardest hit areas.

We have now formed a committee organization called ORAC and have done an assessment of needs. The committee is comprised of camp members and people who have not received much support, and they are all volunteers now. We are working hard for Carrefour Feuilles and our vision is based on participation and inclusion and really hearing what our communities want and need.

Please check out the pdf and let us all collaborate to give women, and communities a voice!

In Solidarity,

Regine Zamor regine.zamor@gmail.com 36371306


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