the rising tide of possiblity

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Posted January 25, 2012 from United States

We have come to a time when the potential for ecological, social, economic, and political collapse is immanent and the fear of this potential hovers around us as we look down at our feet - one step at a time, too much to look ahead. Some are fighting their way forward, as some always have.

I propose that there is another way unfolding and this unfolding is contained within the dire circumstances we currently face. (You all are it!) This way forward is held in the hands, thoughts, bodies, hearts, whispers, tears, amazing grace, the love that chooses to let go versus imprison, those who lay aside swords understanding hearts beat on the other side of fear. The way forward is held in women and her ways.

Hello, I am Ren Madrone, MSW and I have been working long on a project to pull together all that is going well in the world. I have been seeking to connect the dots of the glowingly possible, the small and persistent courage... This project is almost complete. Please assist if you can and are inspired.

The following is my fundraiser, a read that will take you on a journey that reveals YES, and how we are almost there despite all appearances. Please read and contribute as little or as much as you can, for every bit makes all the difference and adds up to the completion of this project.

A billion points of light connected, we dawn brighter! THANK YOU and all great blessings abounding.

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