Posted September 20, 2010 from Tanzania

Most of women in Africa are been circumcised just because of their traditions and customs. Most of African countries practices this in order to guide their customs, so due to those acts women faces many effects especially young girls who are mostly affected because they are the one who are been focused more.

During their young childhood in puberty period around 12-16 years girl children are circumcised .Most of the areas the act is done locally by local doctors, in Tanzania the FGM is practiced in areas like Manyara ,Musoma Dodoma and some areas in Kilimanjaro. Although the government of Tanzania has done many effort to make sure people stop practicing those bad customs by publicizing effects of FGM example it may cause dearth due to lost of blood, spread of diseases such as HIV AIDS due to the use of unsafe tools but still they continue to practice it. They said if they stop doing so they will deny their traditions and customs.

As women we have to say no because we are the one who are been affected and if we stand by our own legs, i am sure we are going to stop all those things which the government failed to stop. Together as women we can.

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