Khaleda Zaher Sadat is the eldest daughter of an officer in the Sudanese army and the commander of the Sudan Task Force, which fought a war in Palestine in 1948, the sister of nine sisters and nine brothers. And suddenly found herself in the challenge with the self and the community closed at the time when encouraged by her father and broad-minded to continue her education career. Khaleda was estimated that challenge enter college Gordon as the first undergraduate student Sudan

Khaleda graduated from Gordon College as the first Sudanese doctor in 1952 and was an important event and a memorable and pioneering step in the evolutionary history of Sudanese women. Participated Khaleda national movement struggle against colonial boldly super-leader of the demonstrations and climbed onto the platform fiancee Alumni Club in the late Forties of the last century at the time were not allowed women to get out of the house were arrested by the constant as a result of that activity. This continued as the national political activity after the departure of the colonizer to contribute effectively in all issues of concern to the homeland and citizens, and advocate strongly for democracy and rejecting all forms of dictatorship. Has always been within the perspective and the most important issues concerns the emancipation of women and their contribution to the Sudanese side by side with men in the details of life and the evolution of society and sought to achieve that goal with patience, determination and tenacity. She knew that to achieve this goal requires the woman two things are the founding organization of its own and spread awareness, and then formed which is at the beginning of her secondary education with Professor Fatima called "Women's Association," and then later contributed to and formed with the constellation of the pioneers of Sudanese, such as need Detector, Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim , king Nafisa, Umm Salamah Said, Aziza Makki ... etc. For example, and not limited to the organization of Sudanese Women's Union and then was selected as the first Chairperson. Contributed to the Women's Union in their struggle and fierce Aldauob in achieving gains for women have not achieved the Sudanese women's organizations in many Arab and African countries even today. Women were able to enter the combativeness of the Sudanese Parliament and assume advanced positions in all government ministries, the University of Khartoum, the judiciary, administration, police, armed forces, etc. .... Through faith in issues of social justice and issues of the emancipation of women joined the Sudanese Communist Party and became the first woman to receive the membership. Gradually in the career, and reached the rank of Under Secretary in the Ministry of Health. Through her work toured all regions of Sudan, arguing for and publisher of awareness of child health and women and their rights and fight to harmful habits. And offered a lot of great services and solemn when I worked for a time director of the Child Care Center Baomadrman located near the hospital Tijani al-Mahi. Awarded the Dr. Honoris Causa by the University of Khartoum in its celebration of Diamond in the 24/02/2000, and for its pioneering and contribution in the development of Sudanese society and Msnadtha women's issues under there is always something distinguishes the courage and boldness and ability to tell the truth and express their opinions with the foresight of the future and the capacity of her chest to hear the voice of others. That approach has forced even Hikhalvunha opinion respected.

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It is a very inspiring story to know the story of hard working woman to change their community. It is very difficult at the very beginning, but you have overcome the obstacles. I am very proud of you and I believe that Sudanese people especially women are very lucky to have you serve the community.

Your experience is the role model for other African countries to see the possible path way that they can follow or they can approach new path. I am sure, that you will have a lot more story to share with us, especially for the young generation to continue wonderful work our future people.

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Thank you for the admiration with Dr. Zaher immortal ... he brings us something nice to internet pages we will know the female role models from around the world ... We need to put our fingers on the hands of each other so we rise together and achieve some of the justice which is the foundation of humanity .... you a lot of affection and appreciation