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Raga Dawood
Posted February 6, 2011 from Sudan

Remained Eve Sudanese take care of herself and all of them beautiful in the eyes of Adam, Sudanese, and since the era of queens Meroe Alkendakat in the fifth century before the century and until the middle of the last century and perhaps more than I took our grandmothers and Khalatna in dye lips color green tends to vast what is known as «may Alclovp» through the process of «may» sequence and painful through the thorns of trees or needles until «Jens blood» This is done by a woman devoted «may Alclovp» and then to stuff lip «Almedkoukp congregation or« the accuracy of coal »this process, especially of isolated lower-only and fall within the preparations for the girl next marriage and then after that connects «palate» bond assigned to the top lip so as not to hang Alclovp «me and Sha» to return.

This issue continues to now in some villages and the countryside remote was known for one of the major artists superbly playing of the oud, but also known Bschrith and responses acclaimed while he was at a ceremony Sets Uttar Audi has long-term Astjlh someone to start up a singing individual coldly, which continues Foreplay in Uttar Back: «We are in Henw we do, filberts in Clovp?!»

Go back to our subject, we say that the girl in those dark days was dependent on the fluid in their diet, which dealt with by »Debit Brad« Before the invention of «Lollipop».

Beauty and the journey goes bride «Faihzm» nose and put it in «straw» or ownership and «breach» also the highest for the development of ears »Alfdo« a gold ornament of crescent-shaped .. Why have the ears at the top of the crescent-shaped gold .. As for why at the top of the ears and not in the nipple ear, I do not know and wonder ..

And arrived at the conviction that the Sudanese do not have to say to him: «Why» something to do the answer is often of a different type «like this but ..!» Or «mood» and already I saw once in an airport Sudanese woman over fifty, bearing earrings «Last Cry »diamond restaurant at the top of her ears remained Michalqa throat and swinging and« Itraakec »funny in an early landscape .. By the way, we Sudanese insist on wearing all possessions of gold and jewelry when traveling through airports particularly the Gulf, in the landscape is a civilized, I mean to be one «Tnoni Dahb» and perhaps represents them to do that farming Baohin and the fruit of sweat in the alienation often is «Solaptha» of gold This Taatvchkr which tags to buy «The Cook» a concern for all the official Sudan decamp outside the home.

Eve, and then continued their search for beauty was drinking «Moasp» and «turbidity» and «Starch» The long and all of that to gain more (kilos), where the measure of beauty grease and meat ..

Not only did Eve Sudanese of all these efforts surgery but went even to the «may» mole on one of the cheeks when I discovered that all the «mole» Sudan is a warts-sized fly parked on the brow or the bottom of the jaw compared to what can see him from moles stylized in place on the faces of announcers satellite Arab, or even readers Matarbadtha weather forecasts .. This is an issue you need «of the international inspections».

And after a while of time down we «Lo» Gold, the fourth age in the upper jaw, and I think the process is coordination between the jeweler and dentist and may be one of them sold in today Aghbar as did one of my acquaintances was not for men old share in the operations of women's aesthetic, and some of them participated in the « Votr »gold or smoke acacia treatment for moisture, etc. .. Although I know people try it as a treatment for moisture «Vtakl» not in the sense of sound mind, but became Tibst joints and «Saan» knees ..

The groom was in the past, quoting my grandmother is cut tree clustered complete without that demonstrates the consciousness of environmental as recommended by Dr. wind and sent to the bride-to-you «their abuse», and then send a «Alqrashwb» a peel skin and skin the dead to his mother, which in turn weigh and send matched by gold «fill Kaobuyat Adeel».

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