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Of the name, it becomes apparent that Example is here Pharaoh is known to all that he claimed divinity and many people still follow this harmful habit and I'm here I will explain some facts about circumcision Pharaonic

When Pharaoh ordered all female circumcision dreaded purpose was to find out who the next prophet in Sihddh

It was not his purpose to preserve the honor of women as it is our belief, especially cereals As they believe that this girl is Kbhn lust Darren Open and they have the door wide open

To do what it pleases and that is what I will refer to it later, and this overview of this harmful habit Vulgar There are two types reverting and specifically in Sudan, called the first year where circumcision is the removal of some of

Clitores clitoris and part or all of the labia minora labia Alsgrien relying on the talk of the Prophet Muhammad some scientists weakness

The second type is the most common so-called Balfrony where the removal of the clitoris and the labia

Alsgrien and two major labia majora are sutured and the remainder at random and are usually the The process by Daya and as a result of this indiscriminate following occurs Hemorrhagic shock to lose a substantial amount of blood hypovolumic shock shock result

Severe pain and see the landscape of blood for their child is not her fault she only girl neurogenic shock Add

To the imprisonment of urine as a result of indiscriminate and narrow tailoring open the urethra and the fear of foreign

Also the acute pain of the wound because the process is in place is sterilized and unsterilized instruments, leading to blood poisoning sepsis leading to death, I saw it with my own eyes the kind of girl

Captivates the first thing you see where God has placed each of innocence itself launches the last sight of her mother and grandmother, and tongue, say the same What has my hands (and buried female infant is asked if any sin she was slain), while other effects

Remember, they are many, including pelvic inflammatory repeated dysmenorrhea Alsbol and weight loss decrease IQ and the most important is that sex after marriage becomes alienating to the circumcised to link awareness

Indirect memories of what happened where they are retrieved to the memory of childhood days at the time what has been leading the massacre of the alienated and frigidity, which negatively affects on the psyche of the husband Also the pain associated with sexual intercourse and the processes of birth and there is nothing wrong happened here, and I think most of you are now outside

Sudan Hitch any doctor how he felt when he got the sudanese to Odua and discover it's circumcised be the struggling pain in his struggle to bring out the child properly and how much of a mother died before you see the apple of the same, and wrote to her safety she is exposed to the bleeding after birth and is lethal in many cases Bsrdy only the former effects on the medical side but let's address the topic of the face has a social as we have done this practice for two reasons: first because it is known and the second to curb the craving The first reason may be at the forefront of Rdtaat topic

Either to curb the craving Vtaalo Hear saw science and not my opinion Modern science has proved that the sexual arousal of any source that the brain does not occur unless induced by brain respond specifically gland Alhaibo Thelams Veffers hypothalamus gland hormone adrenaline Contact Person for

Delivery of neural signals by the meaning is up to the excitement if parts or cut off if it left the brain does not respond there will be no desire, and come to the most dangerous Did you know that Almokhtouna opportunity to manipulate the outside part of the largest marital legitimacy because it initiates a small

Is done by the same midwife is to return the situation to normal, abnormal originally because when he healed the wound, leaving the features of atrophy occurs is not clear to a member of the midwife is not reproductive, but sewing parts

The same random making it difficult to know what happened either in the case of non-circumcised

Vathdy skilled Ntas that can restore what was devastated the first time to put it only through the process of circumcision

Pharaonic which the risks of what makes the running down of the top surgeons panic because it is being fully developed to a girl with all the complications, which doubled Zachartha previously

Dear Vaalmo cereals and mothers do you serve you for this opportunity Bntekm circumcision was possible to provide

Bdelha tips and guidance replenishes and protects itself from the evils QURAN then I just conducted a quick comparison between the girl circumcised and the other sound you will find

Two o'clock open fresh active growth with a good frame of mind, thought and a great awareness because it does not suffer from any

Psychological complex, and you know that any member of the body as any other and the other Almiskinh Vtgdaa tense

However, self-confident because the sense in which deposition Izenha It is no doubt what her family in her honor

Ktnoha Zablh server fund Mthbldp sense of escape from any consideration of her fear of the idea of marriage after you Fballah

All Sgth Is there a God-given mind committed such a massacre mandate that the parent does not Taatezry

It was arbitrary, for you to satisfy your mother do not obey in disobedience to the Creator was it sticks to the Lord

Almighty in the kingdom to come out this user in that form (and I have created man in the Wagon calendar), why

Deforming of God's creation, and that was on the honor Vaattoha half an hour a day breeding breeding conscious based on scientific grounds and you will see results

Thank God it's organizations rising to circumcision in the Sudan, but a law was passed to try every presidential

Daya are cut by six months imprisonment with fine and it came to prison, the mother has the same

I had the honor in the delivery of a Ambassahat (Daya) brought to justice after the girl stopped in the act and did not report

The age of five they brought to Children's Hospital and happened to be the father did not know there was only

And brought Ambassaha After investigation, with approved process kills and thank God I started this habit in

Recede but still be in secret connivance with some mothers foolish, but if not Iqtnan

Vsttahin justice established by God """""""" Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for Eyeeyeeyei Alemraeh Sudanese Valkhtan for the guardian remained nightmare

(Horror Itardalmroh Sudanese circumcision)

More than 90% of Sudanese women have been subjected to genital mutilation, which leads to the loss of a woman for a large part of their sexual and exposes her to death during childbirth

Important can not hold back the tears as she recounted the story of her sister homage of the six years that bled to death under the knife of a traditional midwife was Takhtnha even though it happened long ago in 1980.

And young girls in the Sudan the poor, are subjected to circumcision, usually defined by human rights organizations amputations or sexual mutilation.

On December 26 last Inaam Abdul Wahab died in the age of four as a result of acute inflammation. When the doctor insisted on an autopsy found that inflammation was the result of being subject to genital mutilation.

Has become the face and homage unto a symbol of the campaign against female circumcision, led mostly by women who process itself.

The inspiration that she was nine years old when her sister died, "It was a collective circumcision of the three younger sisters, one after the other there were many women, five or six limbs and head, with dignity, which was lying on the table."

Homage and bled to death.

They noted the important that the sisters were being subjected to the process of Pharaonic circumcision which is the severest of three types of circumcision.

According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), according to statistics in 2004 showed that 82% of the women of Sudan's estimated population of about 40 million people have been subjected to pharaonic circumcision, while the percentage of women circumcised Overall 90 percent.

The term "circumcision of the Year" to refer to the amputation of the clitoris, conferring on the cover of a legitimate religious process, but statistics indicate that Christians in Sudan practice the Sunnah more than the Muslims.

UNICEF says that the prevalence of circumcision year is 46% among Christians compared with 26 percent of Muslims who choose 83% of them have undergone the harshest.

But women's rights activists in the fight against circumcision aspire to prevent it in all its forms.

Nahed says Jibrallah, member of the Sudanese Network for the Eradication of female genital mutilation, which was founded in 2002, "We are against the practice as a whole. All kinds cause of death for women."

We said from the top countries in terms of number of deaths during childbirth, which amounts to 509 deaths in every 100,000 births, "pointing to circumcised women face problems during birth, sometimes lead to death.

Insists activists against female circumcision that women lose a large part of their sexual life because usually practiced in 28 African countries.

And suggests that infibulation including covered almost entirely of sewing the vaginal opening to cause excruciating pain for women during sex and childbirth.

But it seems that most men underestimate the complaint Sudanese women from the harm caused by circumcision, arguing that in addition to protect the girl from slipping in the vice by curbing her nationality, it increases sexual pleasure.

Activist Thuraya Ibrahim (34 years) says that "a large part of the Sudanese men believed to be circumcised, and narrowing the aperture lead to enhance sexual pleasure."

The striking thing is that the Sudanese mothers usually they insist on subjecting their daughters to genital mutilation "because they have grown in male-dominated culture," according to activist Soraya which indicated specifically to women's ignorance of the dangers of circumcision.

We can not ignore the psychological impact of FGM on women who do not leave her no matter how old or gave birth to children. This is what appears when Troy Mxtonat women suffering from this old habit.

The woman asked not to be named said: "I was about five years (of age). I felt terrible and I fear Mmsukp by two or three women."

She said the lady who came to circumcise the average "Daya (traditional midwife) this is still present and almost 80 years old. I feel that I do not want to see it when Tsadviny."

For its part, said another woman in the forties it can not be forgiven for failing to protect her mother from being circumcised when she was ten years old.

The woman said that she underwent a circumcision year, "Lamy is that since it did not Tkhaddni the Pharaonic progress and openness are not enough."

The Sudanese law has fallen following the lead of the first. After infibulation as a crime punishable by law in 1946 and despite the lack of application, prohibition law was amended in 1974 to include all types of circumcision, except the Sunnah.

But an amendment to the Criminal Code in 1983 dropped the whole subject of female circumcision, has also been ignored in the last amendment in 1991 during the arrival of the Islamists to power.

In May (May 2005) issued a fatwa on the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Presidency of the Republic said that the circumcision of the Year "flyers and posters, and if it is paid to do," said journalist Zuhair al-Sarraj.

He os anti-female circumcision that this opinion has been reprinted in publications and posters have been distributed recently in public places in the black

Facts and figures: The reports section of maternity destruction in Sudan for the year 2006 to increase the proportion of practice mandates Sudan, reaching 83.1% in the northern state of 83.9% the River Nile, in the Red Sea 79.4% Kassala 78.6% Gedaref 59.3% Sudan 70.2% Jazeera 77.7% Sennar 74.7% and 58 .3% Blue Nile and the Nile Alobwhit 78.3% North Kordofan, 76.7% and 66.6% in South Kordofan and North Darfur, 63.3% and West 39.9% and South 59.6%. unveiled Demographic Health Survey of the practice of circumcision in the Sudan in the year «1990» that the proportion of circumcised in the age group 15-19 amounted to 86.8% and the proportion of infibulation 73.9% average rate of 4.2% while the percentage of the year 21.8%, the survey found that the proportion of circumcised in the age group 45-49 years 90.9% and the proportion of infibulation 88.8% average rate of 1.8% per year and 9.4 %, and showed that the proportion of circumcised in urban areas 93% and the proportion of Pharaonic circumcision rate of 82.1% and 3.9%, the average year 14%, while the percentage of practice in rural areas 86.9% and the proportion of the Pharaonic 82.5% average 2.1% and 15.4% in the year. He explained that the proportion of circumcised in the state of Khartoum, 90.1% and the proportion of the Pharaonic 83.6% and the proportion of the average 5.5% and the year 10.9%, and the proportion of circumcised in the northern state% 98.8% Pharaonic and by 98.2% and the proportion of the average 3%, year 1.5% and in eastern Sudan was the proportion of circumcised 86.5% The proportion of Pharaonic 73.1% and average 1.9% and the year 24.8% In the Central State the percentage of circumcised 94.6% and Pharaonic 85.7% rate average of 1.5% and the year 12.7% and the mandate of Kordofan, the proportion of circumcised 95.5% and the proportion of infibulation of 82.5% and average 2.4% and the proportion of the year 15.1%, while in Darfur, the proportion of circumcised 65.3% and 71.2% by the Pharaonic and average 3.5% and 25.3% year. The survey said that the proportion of circumcised among Muslims amounted to 90% of the Pharaonic and the proportion of 82.9% and average 2.6% and 14.5% year while the percentage of circumcised Christians amid the Pharaonic and 46% by 26.6% and average 26.6% and 46.2% year. Medical positions: Medical Council Sudanese stand clear of female genital mutilation, the circulation is female genital mutilation from the aspects of medical and theological, social, and issued in its No. 366 dated 08/27/2002 stipulates that not to allow doctors to perform any type of circumcision and to hold those who do so, next to the participation of the national strategy to combat female genital mutilation, which was sponsored by the National Council for Child Welfare to the impact of this practice many of the health effects of bleeding during the operation or the inflammatory process and the other track. Of all kinds: The Assembly reaffirmed the specialists of gynecology and obstetrics at the General Conference in 2009 to damage resulting from the practice of all kinds and the lack of benefit, including, in addition to issuing a statement prohibiting all cadres of the exercise, also remained on the follow-up to the nature of medical and religious for this common practice on the reproductive organs that God created in the best stature, and an assault on the dignity of women, the Assembly demanded that work on anti-female genital mutilation arrest the immediate exercise of all types and denominations, as confirmed Association of Specialists children and urinary tract to damage resulting from circumcision, all in all its forms and called for coordination with all parties and a commitment to the decision of the Medical Council. Fear of decision makers: Stressed the legal necessity of enacting laws, Aazin failure in the previous laws of the fears of decision-makers of society's response, noting the lack of hedging decision makers for the viability of such laws for the classification and the practical application and to represent the situation under the Penal Code of 83 Criminal Code of 91. Pointing to the last moment that the goal is not just a law, but follow-up of its implementation and awareness of, its objectives, demanding the creation of formal mechanisms or voluntary in order to report cases of female genital mutilation, which is to take action against the perpetrators and the provision of appeals or complaints against cases of misapplication of the law or the error in interpretation of the success of the experiment and take advantage of all media outlets to correct the texts of community law, and legal procedures through which the protection of the rights provided by law, must be of legal research and social role of proposal of amendments and additions, displaying deep regret to drop Article 13, which criminalizes female genital mutilation. Article 13: While launching a number of doctors violent attack on one of the doctors practicing what is known as genital mutilation and support to bring the Sunni fatwa encourages them to complete this exercise, showing deplored the drop in its Council of Ministers on 02.05.2009 Article 13 of the draft Children's Act of 2010, which prohibits and criminalizes female genital mutilation in all its forms commitment to the fatwa issued by Islamic Fiqh Academy, which has distinguished between infibulation and the year is permissible and legitimate name circumcised. There is a relationship: Based on this advisory opinion issued by the Islamic Fiqh Academy No. 10 / d / h 26 e on 4/24/1426 e had raised the National Council a memo to the President of the Republic and his deputies contained a number of observations about the practice, which confirmed it is one of the customs and practices that constitute a violation of suffering which girls and women in Sudan by 89%, according to the statistics of Demographic Health Survey for year 89 and that all the studies and researches and surveys confirmed the need to intensify efforts to eliminate female genital mutilation, and said I have included a formal policy directives and clear and that the national population policy of the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 48 of 2002, studies have confirmed that there is a relationship between circumcision and the complications of pregnancy and childbirth are still the phenomenon is widespread and practiced seized over 89% of females in the Sudan, and stated that the strategy and action plan issued by the Federal Ministry of Health in late 2001 that female circumcision is one of the harmful habits, and known internationally as a violation human rights and the rights of women and children. Interim Constitution: Reference to what is stated in the Interim Constitution of 2005 in Article 32 which stipulates that the state provides health care for mothers and children, pregnant women and the state is working to combat harmful customs and traditions which undermine the dignity of women and the status of, and that the state protects the rights of the child as stated in international conventions and regional Sudan has ratified. The sixth of February marks the celebration of International Day for the Eradication of female genital mutilation, but Sudan is still suffering from a high proportion of the practice, despite the efforts of official and voluntary efforts to eliminate it and the overthrow of Article 13.