Suspicion of raping the women of Darfur

Raga Dawood
Posted July 12, 2011 from Sudan

Show field research was conducted on dozens of women who have fled the violence in Darfur, who reported that Thelthen or have shown signs of rape, and show their common fears of sexual violence in refugee camps in Chad, also said a group of human rights in a report.

This happened about half the rapes in Darfur by militiamen loyal to the government Ganjavidah pan-Arab Muslim Brotherhood Almtjelbbh Balrdaouat Islamism in Khartoum. Also displays the other half of the offensive operations by the Chadian villagers near the camps of the United Nations, when the woman is usually graduated, looking for firewood or grazing livestock, according to the report of a group of doctors working in the field of human rights, based in the United States.

Have reached the rights group, that women eight and eighty who Hmhin research, through the supervisors of the camp, or through the recognition of direct, because the way the reports of the selection of samples, said the report, hindering draw perceptions of public about the prevalence of rape in Darfur or in a concentration camp Farchana in Chad .

The registration of the rapes, or interview victims of sexual violence is a problematic issue in the Darfurian Muslim culture, where women are afraid of social stigma that can be hung over them, or endure the suffering of others, and often deny its allegations, in toto, out of shame. Worse than that, to promote the further complications of the efforts, women are displaced within Darfur, were living in areas under government control, and are afraid of reprisals. The issue is a high degree of complexity for the government of Sudan, which denies any systematic rape, or violence against women.

And transmits the report of the rights group medical (Physical Human Rights) PHR, allegations of spin on a large scale, about the rapes were reported, mostly by the refugees from Darfur, and was confirmed by aid officials and human rights. He said employees of the United Nations that the process of documenting the violence has become harder than ever, following the decision of the Sudanese government expelled three years of foreign aid groups operating mainly in Darfur.

Has become the rape in Darfur are within the scope of the common stereotypes, where their village to sweep the men turbans and armed with guns, dressed in a khaki uniform, and usually arrive on horses or camels. This is followed by the mostly air strikes by the Sudanese army?

And explains one of the women of the tribe "Almassalat," How did Aloarab four men armed with guns attacked a farm family in the village of Darfuri, where they opened fire and killed her father, and raped her, and was then at the age of thirteen.

"When I shot my father I was a little girl, I did not have any power or the possibility to address them, have Astgluna, and started bleeding, it was very painful, .. I had the disease for seven days, when its not able to promote," according to the statements the woman of today, nineteen years of age.

He called on doctors working in the field of human rights, to be considered legally rape, war crimes, and to urge the ICC to issue arrest warrants against suspects from the Sudanese. It also sought, too, the conditions of better protection for refugees in detention camps in Chad are supervised by the Chadian police and international peacekeepers, including patrolling areas of collecting firewood.

Says rights group medical PHR, that the three doctors, and researchers in the field of human rights, met with eight of eight women in the November / November, at the detention camp in Varchana, Chad, which lies about forty-three miles (55 kilometers) from the Sudanese border, where More than twenty thousand Darfuris are subject to the control of almost two thousand Chadian troops.

Twenty-nine women from among the eight Althmanyen and a woman, suffered from rape and potential as an adult, and three other women attacked were subjected to more than once, says the group.

This, and the Darfur conflict erupted in 2003 when months of ethnic African rebels in Western Sudan arms against the northern government in Khartoum, to protest the discrimination and neglect. Has resulted in the conflict since then, the allegations of the loss of 300 thousand people to their lives, in addition to the displacement of 2.7 million, others had fled to Chad, where they live in detention camps.

Whatever the case, the rings and the social strata of mankind, such as children, women, and the Senate, they are what they are to often the victims who pay the price for political conflict, and regional arrangements here and there, will comply with the warlords and their advocates, international conventions, and relevant treaties, which prohibits exposure of civilians, and prevent any attack on them, especially if they are women or children?

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  • Breese McIlvaine
    Jul 13, 2011
    Jul 13, 2011

    Thank you for your detailed description of, and for bringing attention to the terrible problem of rape as a weapon of war in Sudan. I've never been to Sudan, but back in 2009 I helped work on PHR's report on this issue as an intern. Though it was very difficult to read the testimonies of the refugees in Chad as they described their horrific experiences, I'm glad their voices are being heard by people around the world.

  • Raga Dawood
    Jul 13, 2011
    Jul 13, 2011

    Thank you I received your sense, nice to share our thoughts across the continents, known as rape as a weapon of war, the war has no morals, rape immoral weapon, I regret to be exposed Nadsdarfor for such a thing, others are confirmed and the other denies, and there are powerful testimonials and the other is weak, but remain the fact that women's areas of conflict, is one of the wounded need a lot to heal the wounds

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