As I strongly believe the saying that goes "when you educate a woman, you have educated the whole society" It is quite clear, and putting in mind that even in marriage, it is the woman who takes great care of the family, there is need for education on these women by all means.

A woman is the first teacher starting from the family, to the church and so on. If she has no education, it means every other step may fail. Some parents in some communities in my country Kenya do not consider girl education. They say that girls will eventually get married with all the knowledge after a lot of money is spent on her and will go to benefit the family where she will get married to - bearing in mind that education in Kenya is very expensive. Such parents consider boys education. The present generation (some parents) has changed a bit as the current parents have been empowered and more programmes have been held in which parents have been sensitized and been given the disadvantages and advantages of educating a girl. To this effect, life is changing slowly by slowly.

Now go to the class room - girls tend to be having challenges in science subjects, those who get the little opportunity to study, choose Arts subjects (they refer to them as cheap subjects) they do not like science subjects and therefore have negative attitude towards science subjects thus perform poorly in them in the National examinations.

There is need for motivation to these girls to be able to like the science subjects in order to compete the boys thus push the competition further when it comes to job market.

It is a high time, organization supporting women education came up and rescued the situation for our women / girls. Free education for girls taking special subjects, and those who perform very well should be given priority as a means of motivating them. Rhobai

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.

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You are right about the lack of confidence in girls doing science subjects, but the few who have attempted them excel. It is good you, me and the others on this platform to spread the news, in the same way we can try to encourage those around us.

Keep up up the good work


You´re right we are the first teacher in the children's life. Therefore, we must undertake the change we'd like to have. The best of luck in your endeavors. Klaudia

Klaudia González

Great piece, you have outlined the problems that the the girl child goes through to attain education but you have not shared your vision for improving the lives of girls in your community. What are you doing about it?

Keep your fire burning

Dear Rhobai,

Thank you for this informative piece of work. It is so true that women are usually the first teachers in a family. I like the quote with which you open, and I appreciate your clear, intelligent explanations. I wish you success in moving forward, sharing your voice to make your community, and thus your country and so the world a better place. All the Best, Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Dear Rhobai,

Thanks for highlighting an attitude towards girls' education prevalent worldwide. Let's continue doing our utmost to change that.

Warmly, Pushpa