A profile of John Wood on the internet and the book Leaving Microsoft to change the world truly inspired me. He is a personification of what I want to be. He traveled, understood that the world needs a change, left his greed, brought up a program, worked hard for it and actually made a difference. He left his job as the Microsoft’s director of business development for Greater China and Started Room to Read to make the right of education available to all. Its not easy to come down the ladder of a successful career and start all over just to change the world. You need courage selflessness and a lot of managerial skills. Today Room to Read has made a difference in lives of 3.1 million students worldwide. It provides books, study materials in the rural areas with its libraries, schools and self published books. John Wood also prioritizes female education by providing scholarship for girls.

All these qualities about him inspire me to combine altruism and management for a better world.

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It is very important, if you can do something for others and you do it. Not for money but because of your heart... Maybe your hero will become my hero too.

Я твайго не вазьму, я свайго не аддам! - I shall not take your, i shall not give my.

Hope you are doing well. Dear, John Wood is great to be your life's hero. Indeed, he is a perfect entrepreneur, who left everything, but who tried to do something for the better of not his society, but the world. The one important point in Room to Read project is that, it involves community sharing as well as local involvment. I mean, for the Room to Read always remain and exist in these 9 communities, John decided to involve the people of that area in his works. As he was providing half of the money for building schools, libraries, and for books, but the half remained money was collected from the people of that area. Also, for the construction of the libraries and schools, local people also worked and joined the construction work. That is a perfect idea for doing something for the community, also for predicting the future of that activity and making it sustainable. that is reall nice dear, thanks for posting,

Best Wishes,

Mursal Hamraz,