Why should I be Treated on My Gender?

Posted December 31, 2010 from Bangladesh

Every person has some incidents in his or her life that the impact of such happening influences her entire life. I am no different. The occurrence that took place has changed my attitude towards life. It was when I was in class 11. I was enjoying my holiday with some of my friends. We were enjoying our time pretty much. On our way back to home, some of my friends decided to buy something from departmental store. I, along with some other friends was waiting for them on the footpath outside the store. Suddenly a stranger caught of my eyes. He was standing in the parking lot which was beside the shop. The person had a mobile phone with him and trying to take a snap of us. I was quit puzzled in the beginning but as time went by I became conscious of the situation. Why this happened? Is it because I am a woman? Is it because he thinks I am so weak to defeat? Anger rolled inside me and I told my friends what the man was doing. After listening to me and having seen the man they became scared. They decided to leave place at once, I did not liked the idea at all. It would be cowardice work, if we leave the place living the person unpunished for taking our photos with bad intension and without our permission. I thought it would be a serious insult to my womanhood, so I made up my mind to face him and demand an explanation from him. Therefore, I started to walk straight towards him. When he realized that I was coming, he got somewhat panicking. I asked the man what he was doing. He hesitated and could not produce any satisfactory answers. I snatched his mobile and started to check it. It was only a matter of moments that I discovered some photos (!) of me and my friends. My other friends also came beside me. We rebuked the man for such a heinous work. Our shouting made the passersby interested and the place became crowded within a short time. Seeing this, a traffic police came and listen that he calls the mobile court. As a result the police came and arrested the man. The man was sentenced 1 month imprisonment by the new law of eve teasing. My parents, friends, and neighbors all praised me for my courageous action. From that moment I realized I cannot be treated as weak or incapable only due to my gander and felt a iron will that it is my duty to raise my voice against all bad practice and oppression. Now I believer and also think all should believe that a woman should not be treated only as “women” but a human.

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  • Umme Mahbuba
    Jan 01, 2011
    Jan 01, 2011

    Hi Farhana, I am amazed to see your courage and I love the way how you raise your voice, it is really great. The law against eve teasing seems really active? it is active equally in city and village both? How active will it be in the future? This law will help a lot to stop eve teasing which is an increasing problem in Bangladesh and number of teenage girls committed suicide for this. Best Umme Mahbuba

  • meherun1
    Jan 12, 2012
    Jan 12, 2012

    Hello dear Rini!

    hats of to you ! you did a splendid job by facing that man and taking him to justice...

    Hope you do fine in your life !