Mrs. Baraza
Posted November 9, 2011 from Kenya

Jesus never worked outside Israel. He even declared that he was sent to the lost people of Israel His disciples also concentrated in Israel. Peter in Act is ordained to go to the Gentiles but it was not easy for him to accept. He believed that the gospel of Jesus Christ was meant for the Jews. To convince Peter God showed him a vision. A basket full of animals and birds all familiar to peter as UNCLEAN. Not eaten by Jews. So Peter objected but God told him that he could not call unclean what god had cleaned. In the Galatians 2;11-14 reading Peter is avoiding gentiles food to please the Jewish visitors from Jerusalem. He has been eating, but how he is afraid. But could not spare him. He openly challenged him In Africa, Kenya today we have Christians who are struggling like Peter, They will do certain things in hiding , they will pretend to be who they are not. Sometimes it is justified; what would happen if a gay so in were to come out to his parents? Friends? Religious leader? Society? E.g. school, church? What if his pastor were to reprimand them for not coming out? Peter had hard time reconciling the faith with his culture/ religion. How can we make it easier for LGBTI and aliens to come out? Yes to parents, friends, Faith group without feeling intimidated or humiliated? It is a struggle to be. Are you contributing positively to the coming out? Are you ready to offer your shoulder for that LGBTI person, son, daughter or neighbor to lean on?

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