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RE: Children of Africa Hope Mission Quarterly Report- April 3, 2010 Children of Africa Hope Mission-Riruta was born by a group of Women from Riruta slums felt they needed to do something to uplift the living standard of marginalized and disadvantaged orphans and vulnerable children in the slums of Nairobi. There was need to rescue these children because many had/have ailing parents, many are orphaned due to HIV/Aids and many are vulnerable and if not attended to would lose out on opportunity to acquire education . We finally registered Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme (RUWEPO) as a non-governmental Organization in May 2009. This Ngo serves people from all walks of life and does not discriminate on any one basing on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. The key leaders of this organization are women who thought of starting a school because empowering the children would transform the entire nation. Children of Africa Hope Mission-Riruta officially began on 5th January, 09 in Ng’ando slums with financial contributions from Riruta UMW, Riruta UMC and charitable members of the community. The main objective of this school is to Empower Children Academically, Morally and Spiritually. To produce an all round person. We empower holistically. Currently it has 110 pupils beginning from baby class up to grade 4 who depend on school for food and education. Many would have wished that it was a boarding school for the safety of these vulnerable children in the slums. At the moment we have 9 volunteer teachers and 6 volunteer subordinate staff. We have planned to add 40 pupils only every academic year so that the high numbers don’t overwhelm us. Needs: 1. Property to put up a boarding facility for these children. Enough ground for them to play. At the moment the children are squeezed in a residential plot where playing is a problem. Tenants most of the time caution them on noise making so they end up hurdled together. This building where they use as classrooms leaks and was actually condemned by the city council of Nairobi in the year 2008. With the current rains, the whole place is flooded and children are forced to learn and eat from outside the building as evidenced in some of these pictures. 2. Salaries for teaching (9) and (6) none teaching staff. 3. Stationery for the school/desks 4. School uniform for OVC 5. Feeding program for the OVC

Apart from the school, the organization also addresses other issues namely: HIV/Aids, Malaria, Education on Sexual Orientation, Substance & Drug Abuse and Gender based sexual violence.

Thank you. Anne Khadudu Baraza

CEO-RIRUTA UNITED WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME (RUWEPO) www.rirutaumc.org Check us out on face book at rirutaumc_women or ruwepo2008