Hello friends,

Today is one of India's most important festivals -- Diwali!! It is a symbolic festival of spiritual victory.

Two years, two teenage girls were killed ONLY because they went to some boys homes to celebrate diwali. They ate sweets, lit crackers, -- the way people celebrate festivals. When they came home they were killed by their communities. How dare they go to the boys house unescorted? The so called "honor killings."

India has such killings (the use honor as excuse every other day).

Justice was never done for these girls in India.

One of our biggest problems is that we join in a conspiracy of silence when we get defensive or refuse to speak up! So for diwali The 50 Million Missing Campaign is urging everyone Indians and others to join in breaking this conspiracy of silence and defensiveness -- and to tell this story.

Tell this story -- and say "there is no excuse. We will not tolerate this any more." Remember these two girls on Diwali. And give Diwali its true meaning. Diwali is not self-indulgence. It is not sweets. It is not crackers. It is your own personal spiritual victory.

Here is there story of the girls http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/should-you-get-killed-for-ce...

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Dear Rita,

I am thankful to you for sharing this with us.Few months ago i have written poems for the unfair treatments of women in India such as burning brides...this story inspired me to write another poem for the women of India.This ungodly things must stop.I can feel the cries of these two girls.

Thank you Rita.God bless you.

Airyn Lentija-Sloan http://airynspoetry.blospot.com


sorry -- i keep running between web sites and projects so i take a little time to return to World Pulse each time. I would love to read your poem, but can't find it? I clicked on the blogspot url above and it leads to some advertisements. I can't figure that out. But would it be possible for you to put a link of that poem in a comment box below here? thanks much -- Rita

Rita Banerji www.ritabanerji.com

Dear Rita,

Thank you so much for sharing such a news we all should know and struggle for our human dignity. It's a very inhumane work. I passion on women issues became stronger after reading your post. We are still very discriminated in such a 21st century world.

With Love, Shwe Wutt Hmon

Shwe Wutt Hmon

dear Shwe,

you are absolutely right! I think sometimes as women we fool ourselves into thinking that the world has changed and that life is the same for men and women. Maybe in some countries it has changed so -- like in the scandinavian countries. But even in many western countries (and i have lived in the U.S. for many years) -- there is tremendous inequality of genders. However, what's happening in India and other third world countries is beyond inequality. Like You mention here -- this is inhumane! thanks for your support. Do join our campaign on facebook. click on the facebook button on this site www.50millionmissing.in



Rita Banerji www.ritabanerji.com

Dear Rita,

I have joined the causes and I followed your blog. Very fabulous! You are such a great lady. I have to learn a lot from you.

Best regards, Shwe

Shwe Wutt Hmon