Hello friends,

The 50 Million Missing Campaign, has recently been receiving emails, from women for support in dowry related cases. December/ January is the wedding season in India, and there are many women, whose wedding dates are set and who are now facing pressure to pay exorbitant amounts in dowry.

    This is illegal. It is extortion, and it is blackmail. We urge all brides-to-be and their families to NOT GIVE IN to these demands. Do not pay any dowry. Do not negotiate a lower sum. And do not marry into these families who blackmail for dowry.For it will not stop here. These dowry demanding families continue to extort money, torture and abuse the bride who marries into their family, and currently there is at least 1 woman who gets murdered every 20 minutes by her husband and in-laws in a dowry related case. Women and their families must take a proactive role in abolishing this custom of dowry.

One of the biggest problems with dowry in India is most Indians do not know what exactly the dowry laws entail. We are putting up this post to raise public awareness about India’s dowry laws. We hope every Indian bride-to-be and her family will read these laws, and use them to ensure their safety and protect themselves from extortion and blackmail.

PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS LINK EXTENSIVELY AMONG ALL THE INDIAN PEOPLE YOU KNOW. http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/dowry-laws-every-indian-must...