9 year old Sameer was beaten to death by Indian forces in Kashmir

Posted August 20, 2010 from India

Oh! Little angle why did they kill you so mercilessly ? Why did they trample you under their boots? How did your tender body bear that pain ? Were you too weak to shout for help? I never heard of you before, never saw you before . But the day I came to know how brutually they forced you into the jaws of death i have gone INSANE. Your thoughts chase me everywhere. Tears cloud my eyes every now and then. Oh little angle. How did your mother feel when she saw your bruised body? How your dad muster the courage to kiss and hug your lifeless fragile body. How did he react when he saw the half-chewed candy in your mouth? How did he left you all alone in the grave yard. How did they sleep that night without giving you a goodnight kiss. How does your mother feels in the cozy bed while you get drenched in rain in the grave. What did she do with your school uniform, your school bag, your toys? Oh little angle! I know you will be enjoying in the heavens but... the fact remain the brutes snatched you from your mom and dad Your memeories won't fade and will hunt them for ever for ever for ever

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