Progressive Africa: Siya So

Rudo Mungofa
Posted August 8, 2014 from Zimbabwe

In my capacity as a photographer I had the honour of representing Zimbabwe last week at the opening of an Africa wide Art Exhibition Themed: Progressive Africa in Kampala, Uganda. I travelled to Uganda for the opening of the month long exhibition, The Kampala Art Biennale and was blown away by the vibrant art and cultural scene of that nation. My contribution was two images from my series of images titled, Siya So.

About Siyaso

Siya So is an informal trade market place made out of makeshift structures in an area called Mbare in Harare, Zimbabwe where grassroots entrepreneurs are creating employment for themselves in an economic environment where there is approximately 80% unemployment. These tradesmen and women pride themselves in the reputation that there is nothing they cannot make or fix. They not only have created employment for themselves but they employ and train apprentices and some even train their wives who come along and help them to maximize the income for the family.

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