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Dearest Systahs, I want to remind you as we celebrate Valentine's Day to remember that you may search the entire earth and never find anyone who is more deserving of your love than you are. Often we forget in our selfless work of caring for others to nurture and pamper ourselves. Don't feel guilty or hesitant about receiving what you deserve. When we learn how to generously take better care of ourselves, we actually end up having more love to give and support others. We all deserve love and it starts with YOU loving YOU! Take care to be well, my systahs!

LOVE LESSONS © 2011 S. Renee Mitchell

On this Valentine’s Day I vow to give myself ten times more love Than I expect to receive from others Because I know what it takes to please me I will show you how to adore me properly And how to be tender with my bruised sense of self I will issue myself compliments ‘til my cheeks blush And rub my tired limbs with warmed coconut oil ‘ til I burn with passionate desire for my unlimited potential I will devour my delicate chocolate kisses Savoring the pleasure around and around on my tongue Before I swallow the unrelenting goodness of me I will reward my generosity with peaceful meditations That appreciate the beauty in nature, art and simplicity I will romance myself with words of inspiration And whisper sweet affirmations to my mirrored reflection That remind me to take time to take care To refill the loving reservoirs I regularly deplete by pouring into others More than that, on this Valentine’s Day I will not wait for another To love me better than I love myself So when my next righteous lover finds my heart bare and longing He will recognize how to do me right

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Dear Rene, This got me off guard. Many are the times we keep on trying to please others and forget ourselves. We are so busy helping others till we wear out. Love is supposed to be reflected from within so as to reach out to others. You made me adjust some of my of the plans I had for tommorrow.. Thats a great Valentine poem to our dear brothers and sistas in this great Network! Love Consolata