About Me: In May of 2010, I penned ROAR! an inspirational article that went viral when I shared it on Facebook. Since then, because of the stir it created in many women, and men, I have created an organization where I travel and speak to women groups. I also write inspirational articles, which I post on my blog, website, and which are published in Wild Sister Magazine.

My Passions: writing, speaking, connecting, inspiring women

My Challenges: conference calls freak me out, being in front of the camera

My Vision for the Future: to travel and speak, to empower and inspire women and men

My Areas of Expertise: writing, speaking, connecting, sales, marketing,

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Hi Cinda,

Hello and welcome to the community. I've heard of ROAR! before. Is there a website? I couldn't find it in Google search.

If you have not already, there are plenty of women here from the US in particular that you might be interested in connecting with, and they're listed here: http://worldpulse.com/user/directory?country=15

If you would like some additional tips on making the most of what our site has to offer I encourage you to look through our Getting Started Guide, available here: http://worldpulse.com/pulsewire/about/guide

Also, I would like to encourage you to watch a newly released short video which features bold and amazing World Pulse women speak out. I hope you like it - available here: https://worldpulse.com/about/blog/announcing-the-release-of-a-new-world-...

Thanks again for joining with us.

Kind regards,

Jennifer World Pulse Online Community Management Volunteer

Jennifer, what an honor to hear from you. Thank you. Yes, I do have a website, blog, FB, Twitter: http://www.roarwithcinda.com/

http://roarwithcinda.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/roarwithcinda https://twitter.com/ROARwCinda

I will update my profile, thank you for asking. Hugs to you and thank you for this fabulous site! Cinda