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I am outraged at the percentage of women and children who have been sexually violated and have no one to turn to for support. I was violated as a child and all three of my children have been as well. I wasn't taken seriously when I reported the man who was abusing my two daughters. I was accused of being jealous (which was the farthest thing from how I was feeling) and he was set free, but ten years later he was charged with ten more accounts of sexual abuse towards another young girl and finally put in jail. Later my Son was sexually violated by his mentor in high school and we both spoke out to our community regarding his violations and a group was formed to support my son and others.
Community support groups are essential in helping victims pull through acts of sexual assaults or and all forms of sexual violations. We women need outlets like this PulseWire to share our outrage and our pain.
I personally find myself fantasizing about becoming a Super Bird Woman (Throbbin Robin) heroine who flies around snatching up sexual predators in her talons and putting them on trial in front of their victims and other members who support the victims. The bird womens talons would etch PREDITOR, PERVERT, or RAPIST across their naked chests as they are trapped and bound in a stockade all the while they hear the testimonies of their victims. The perpetrator would not be set free until he showed full remorse and was able to express the sincerest forgiveness and offer to do some sort of community service that would be agreed upon by the victims and community who were effected by their gross and inhumane violations.
I feel that allowing and encouraging women to create and turn themselves into super heroine characters could be helpful and even possibly a fun creative way for a group of women to deal with this out of control issue that is effecting so many people, especially the female gender . To help put an end to sexual violence Finding others who want to support me in doing so Photography and multi media

My Vision

To raise a generation of a balanced boys and girls who respect one anothers boundries