I am a writer, dancer, an artist, photographer, actor, model, and have the heart of the musician. My soul burns rapid and my energy dwindles and then purges, mix steps, I am the definition of cosmic action. All that you define crazy to be. Yes, Crazy can be I, but crazy cannot be she… All artist forms intrigue me and my ego is big enough for the both of us, so just listen to me.

Big Smile, wear my heart on my shoulder, the anger in my voice is the resentment of my scars and pain. To be tormented by my dreams and desires to be great. I see colors when I hear music, I write to feel great. I paint pictures from those vivid colors that inspire fate. Taking pictures to capture moments in time because after all I lost, I want to remember it for life. Acting out the fate, wrapping the breath of life to create these vivid pictures in my mind I call movie. Modeling because the movement I stand for cannot lose me. So we take pictures, including artistic direction written on the mirror of imperfection. Dreading those fateful words HAS BEEN. 15 minutes of fame, the world can be so cruel, but for 15 minutes life can be so cool.

Instant gratification, the creative mindset locks me in. To escape I release that being within. Something needs to get my blood pumping; something I must escape too often.

So no, I do not know how to just be but I do know how to inspire many, and letting this creativity out its cage is medicine for my headache. So love me or hate me, judge me or speak relevance of me, but do not dare disrespect or call me crazy for the sake of your lack of understanding, because you know not where my road has been.

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Oh wow! you never seize to amaze me by your ability to wear your heart on your sleeve with no fear of being judged by those who seek devour the courageous and fearless who dare to call themselves ARTIST. Thank you my dear for your honesty and yes! I too can relate to the craziness of allowing your creative self be!

Keep your fire burning!