Rochelle 2 Years Old
  • Rochelle 2 Years Old

Ms. Rochelle, let me start off by saying hi. Can you sit for a moment while we speak about your life? I've watch you grow. So fast, you run from place to place but the fate of life you cannot escape. Stop running to sit with me for a minute. I can share a bit of life’s wisdom. Believe me; it will help you avoid heartbreak. In life, there are many choices we must make.

I will begin by convincing you not to lose the cherished pieces from your youth. As a young song bird you have been confident and strong but your confidence is the first thing that will be robbed. Today is carefree but tomorrow is unexpected. Soon you will be exposed to the ills of regret. One day a whole new you will emerge. You will join other song birds in a great song but those you sang with will move on. Use your intuition as a guide, remain on course, and know when to swallow your pride.

Soon you will understand jealousy and envy can penetrate the best of men. Breaking the best of friendships but never let it break you within. You are not a victim; instead use your courage to win! Though, you do not understand what provokes their jealousy, take it to God above. Believe and trust his strong hold will come.

You tolerate a hard home life, but know not how catastrophic the world can be. It will take advantage of innocence, damage the soul, and lead people to do silly things because their friends say so. Forgive yourself when you allow these things to be, they must happen for your character to grow on the journey to your dreams. You will cry many times, but rather use your emotions to love. Your will, the world will try to break. Follow your dreams; recognize you can achieve much.

When a man looks at your body, he is undressing you with his eyes know that this attention is not respect, his words are compromised. Younger self you are beautiful inside and out. Guys see a shining light but they do not understand there is an emotional side, they will lie. Acting from a place of numbness, they sometimes will say things out of dumbness.

Stay in school, get an education. Your youth is an ideal time to start on a path that explores your creativeness! Love you, you are perfect because God made you just the way he intended you to be. Be prepared for life’s trials and tribulations by focusing on positive things. Don’t be embarrassed because your interests are not cool with the crowd. Embracing your uniqueness is allowed!

Younger you, Ms. Rochelle, be not discouraged by a lack of family one day you will have one of your own. The people that love you the most are not blood born. Everything will be alright, never give up, its life. I know your young and it is easy to run but you do not have to!

Recognize you have choices. Take a chance on believing in yourself, it is okay, you may just surprise you. Be satisfied with your capabilities. It is not vain or ugly to pat yourself on the back, smile in the mirror, or hold your head up high.

Empower yourself, it is a tool that leads to success. God will show you the road because the world’s streets are a mess. You have options, strive to be the best. It is solely up to you to believe in putting in effort into effect.

Next we will speak about what you can do without. Temper my dear, your temper is strong and will cause difficulty all your life long. Believe me younger you, it is better to walk away from fights, and attitude means everything. Your happiness and perception is determined by it. Temper affects your judgment, it can make you sad, and it makes you seem rude. People close their ears once offended, it is wiser to be kind, refrain your tongue, and be courteous when you speak your mind. This is called being mindful. Treat other as you would like them to treat you. Once you love you it is easy to see, respect, self-worth, joy, and gentleness. Be glad to recognize there are other ways to deal with life. Time is precious let not a day go by with resentment on your heart when you can use that time to experience life. Be hopeful and have faith in being sure of what you hope for. No dream is too big, no experience is too small.

Younger you, bye for now, keep these words are treasure that remain with you. See you soon when consciously our paths cross once again.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.

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That old story about "I wish I knew then what I know now!" In the last couple of years as I grow older (now 50), I know that no matter what age, I am beautiful. I was beautiful in my youth just because youth is beautiful. No I was not a "real" beauty, but I was young, alive, curious and happy; my beauty showed from within. And now, I am not "beautiful" as the wrinkles grow on my face and my skin is loosing its luster, but I feel more beautiful than ever before, because I am more forgiving of others, more understanding, and appreciative of life everyday.

Thank you for sharing your words to your younger self. We all have them and I agree being able to reread them as we grow and have more understanding is insightful.

Much caring,