Cherish Yourself

Roksana Hasib
Posted May 10, 2013 from Bangladesh

Dear Me, Growing up as you is the best experience I would ever have.

I know it wasn’t an easy or smooth journey, and trust me, it never is. Not for you, not for me, not for any other women growing up in a distance community from us.

But still, we have a lot share, to cherish, to make each other aware about, and to confess. So I am writing this letter to share all those things, things that you never dare to share, but I always knew.

Today, I am taking the time to rejoice being you.

Let’s go 10 years back. You grandmother always used to say, “You are an amazing bright young girl, with a constant smile on your face, spreading your bright aura everywhere.” “Stream of possibilities flows through you.” How fond you were of those words. Yet, I know it wasn’t as easy to grow up as a girl as it seems.

You had to be careful to the fact that you were growing up “as a women”. If you forget, you would be reminded by the society. You had to be obedient to the society’s expectations, had to pay attention to their rules and regulations. At a very young age you got acquainted with the fact that a girl can’t do everything that a boy can.

I saw you wondering about issues. Why girls are suppose to be tolerant? Why looking elegant matter so much for women? Why all the women are so submissive?

Finding answers bothered you, but you kept on searching for fairness, for equality. You fought to maintain your innocence and struggle to gain courage at the same time. Surroundings and circumstances made you so much mature than your age.

As an adolescent girl, I watched you constantly scrutinizing and reflecting on your own activities. You were afraid that your any wrong steps would stigmatize your family. Society has always been unfair to girls. A small spark and your colorful canvas of future would burn into ashes. And I thank you for being tolerant, patient, and observant.

You were always seeking to keep the trust of your family who loved and supported you all the time. Thank you for being so loving and caring to your family. Here it is absolutely necessary to mention about your mother, the women behind your every success. She is like the sun brightening your days and moon guarding your nights. I admit, if I weren’t you I would have envied you so much for having such an amazing mother.

If you hadn’t had her, all your illuminating potential might have been nipped in the bud like many other girls in your community. She listens to you when society seeks to impose, she gives you space when society tries to dominate, she holds you up straight when you feel dragged in, and she taught you to question the wrongs against all the fear. Her unsubmissive attitude, rebellious justness, and selfless emotions were always your eminent source of inspiration to be a better human being. And only I know how deeply you cherish her.

You stumbled, hesitated, cried, but pursued. You faced so much, overcome different obstacles, and been through so many rough roads. But still, growing up as you is the best experienced I have ever had. Growing up as you made me what I am today. Whatever I have achieved is because of your never fading hopes, your beliefs, and your perseverance. You harnessed so much wisdom from all the negativities and made me such an optimistic strong human being.

Thank you for always being who you are. Thank you for never losing yourself.

Love, Me

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