Rosaline Ntube Ngole Bell
Posted July 24, 2011 from Cameroon

Title: Beyond the Valley Of Tears

Author: Rose Ntube Ngole

Foreword “I am honoured to be asked to write this foreword and proud to read such an uplifting story. Honored because the Lord will use this book to give hope to many people by proving through this story that He is still able to fill one’s life with joy when there may be no apparent reasons to be joyful; proud because the author is my spiritual daughter. And any father would be proud to witness such a wonderful work...

Rose is on a mission, I believe, to lift up the faith of those who have given up on life, those who have succumbed under the lies of the devil, and those who didn’t receive the expected answer to their prayers, or at least didn’t expect their prayers to have been answered in the way they were answered. Not everyone can write such a book, and very few believers can share their success and their apparent failures.

Rose has always amazed me with her faith when faced with hopeless situations. From the time I met her up to this day, she has been challenged at all levels. She is not sharing theological insights, but she is writing this book from a vantage point of someone who has gone through pain, hurt, abandonment, rejection, disappointment; basically someone who has gone through a lot..

I encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience found in this book. Don’t keep it to yourself and don’t read it just for information. Learn from them and pass them on.”

Minister Paul Mbuyi

About the Author

Rose Ntube Ngole has worked as a journalist at the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation (CRTV) from 1992-2005… Ntube is a motivational speaker and educator working for the District of Columbia Public Schools. She has an intense passion to serve children with special needs through teaching and advocacy… She is a born-again Christian whose faith has been tested through fiery trials, personal setbacks and tragedies. Ntube uses her life’s experiences to encourage Christians to be resilient in the face of adversity. Rose Ntube Ngole is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Educational Administration and Policy and a graduate non-degree in special education at Howard University School of Education. She resides in Washington DC

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