VOF Week 4: ( Manifested Vision )

Kandace York
Posted April 14, 2009 from United States
My personal vision for my life, is to live a good and happy life, learning, experiencing, and creating good. Transmuting that which I do not desire into that which is desireable, as well as teaching about Self Mastership and the Divine Feminine. I am extremely self motivated, and love to write. I am a communication's major, and in addition, I have Hosted an online Spiritual Chat Room for seven years, which average's 5000 visitors a year, many returning to talk with me again, and a good number of regular's daily. I do this because I am interested in online communication, and teaching methods, in an effort to speak to the world. In a sense, my vision has been manifesting as my comprehension raised, all along. Being a correspondent would be a further manifestation of my vision. The words would reach more people. I am a Globalist, and I believe we must work globally as one world, to save the planet, and the life on it. There should be no hunger in the world, as there should be no war's. The past three generations have done great harm on the eco system. Only working in a global sense can we hope to turn some of that around. Being a correspondent would bloom into my own activism into the global world, to do my part, to help, and that is, and always has been, my whole vision. To become a correspondent would give me the opportunity to use my communication skills and that would forfill a vision for myself, my wisdom, my years of learning, and in such a way that stands for what I already believe in. How could I not want to become a correspondent for World Pulse? It is my vision manifested even greater than before, in a new media, and in a new way, with Web 2.0 and World Pulse/PulseWire. All listeners, I just want you to know how exciting Web 2.0 and World Pulse/PulseWire is to me, and I thank you very much for this opportunity to apply in a very fun application process.

Thank you for listening and caring. : )

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  • Grace Taylor
    Apr 20, 2009
    Apr 20, 2009

    Hello, It's Grace here, your VOF listener for this week. You are able to say clearly why this opportunity fits with your vision for yourself and for the world. Your intent as a healer and change agent come through in a strong way. I'd be interested in hearing a few ideas about what a good and happy life would be for you, or what your ideas are for turning around the harmful ways of the past generations. All in all, a strong piece. Thank you, Grace

  • Kandace York
    May 08, 2009
    May 08, 2009

    Dear Grace,

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my last post. I appreciate that you heard what I was saying. A few ideas about what a good and happy life would be for me, or ideas for turning around the harmful ways of the past generations. A good and happy life for me would be to be a part of a group that cares about the world and what happens in it. We stand on the precipice of destruction if we don't turn things in the world around. I can't say I have much hope that this will ever come about. Every day I find more and more harm being done by those in power, the harm they inflict upon the helpless and unfree is beyond horrible. People executed and imprisioned for their attempt to express themselves in a world that SHOULD be free and equal for all, is very depressing. A world where the balance of resources is controlled by the power hungry is what we have. In my view, there is no reason for there to be starving children, homeless people, or people executed for their stand for freedom. But, by what I see, that is not getting better, it is getting worse. The only thing we can do to try to turn it around, is to be heard loud and clear that we will not accept the world the way it is going. Really, to change the way things are is a personal choice, because it must begin with one's self. It takes everyone to make such a change. The chances of that are nil. In truth we have very little power to change the way the world is, and in my estimation and from my research, the world is on a course of destruction both politically and ecologically. My choice to end this all would be a globalistic world, where all are one. Something like the United States of the World, with tons of regulation and control over who has power over us, and what we will or will not accept in a world as a whole. All the children and adults being fed and a balance attained to make all equal. I would like to see the end of the misuse of world resources. Power of the people over leaders, money not being an issue. Most of what has brought us to this horrible situation we are all in, is greed. Money and power are the enemies of a free and clean world. But, who am I? In this world I am no one. It's the way it is, and I don't see that changing soon, or ever. I know that sounds very depressing, but that is the way it is. So all I can do is pray, speak out, and teach an alternative way of living. One with responsibility and self mastership over the greed within us.

    I hope that gives you some sort of idea how I feel. Thank you again for commenting.

    Blessings & Love, Rose Of Sharon