so little

Roseanne Romaine
Posted January 10, 2010 from United States

I read some of these stories and feel so little. I feel that there is so much that needs to be changed and yet so overwhelmed and unable to do anything, I also feel guilty for having so much I am a very fortunate woman. I which I could find a real way to pass my fortune around so to speak. I have alot of skills I could share I just really do not know where to start?

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  • Sharese
    Jan 11, 2010
    Jan 11, 2010

    Check out the song "Small" by Lamb, it definitely projects the feeling of being small in this big chaos of Earth.

    On the subject on not being able to do anything: it is overwhelming when you look at the big EVERYTHING that is happening in the world over. But simply ask yourself: What can I do where I am with what I have? Raise community awareness through your businesses? Does your pastry shop support local farmers? Are all your products fair trade- esp flowers as that is a big area of exploitation? Are there any organizaitons that you can donate services to?

    There is so much you can do! And just sending love out to the universe and giving moral support to women through world pulse is such a big thing.

    Go well on your journey. Let us know what you are doing in your part and we will try to keep the good energy going by letting you know what we are doing in our part :)

    Much Peace and Love,