"Global Greengrants, in collaboration with the International Network of Women’s Funds and the Greengrants Alliance of Funds, is hosting a Summit on Women & Climate in the summer of 2014.
The summit will bring together women’s and environmental rights leaders from around the world to:
- Share strategies that women are using to combat climate change in their communities
- Address challenges such as criminalization and violence against women climate leaders
- Strategize ways to engage governments, corporations, international financial institutions, and others around supporting women’s climate solutions"

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Hello Rosemary!

Thank you for sharing. Do you know when and where this summit will be taking place? I followed the link, but the summit announcement didn't give these details.

Thanks for your help! Emily

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your comment! The Summit on Women & Climate is currently underway in Bali, Indonesia. We are posting new content at the link . Or follow updates from the Summit on Twitter at #WomenAndClimate.


Global Greengrants

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