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End Child Marriage With Me

What I'm Leading

Empowering and saving the girl child from the adverse effects of child, early & forced marriage (CEFM) in Longido District, Arusha Region, Northern Tanzania. . CEFM is often underpinned by rigid gender norms and expectations that constrain girls and women’s roles, value and choices, and maintain unequal gender relations in the family and society. Child brides are most often married off to older men. Boys of same age are exposed to more opportunities.
Child brides are at an increased risk of violence throughout their lives. First sexual experience is most likely forced
It is important in targeting peaceful social change in behavior and attitudes & also advocating for policy implementation.

Who I'm Impacting

Girls and women

My Updates


About Me

Development Practitioner, teacher trainer, girls/ women rights advocate and an environmentalist. Founder and Executive Director of Girls' Empowerment Program and Network (GEPaN) Tanzania; - with a significant work experience in an array of settings; including schools and organizations. Facilitate learning to help participants achieve results. It has always been my desire to help make a difference among girls and women of Tanzania pastoral Maasai .Low self- esteem among Maasai women, has increased for years.- I believe in the empowerment of girls and women as a sure way of improving my community and country with them on the driving seat in development. In this regard the family, community, the nations and the world will achieve desired outcomes that are meaningful and sustainable. Women need to be economically empowered to build self esteem.

The challenge is constructing a girls’ rescue center to accommodate girls to complete school and economically empower women

My Vision

To impact positive attitudes in girls and inspire them to discover and develop own potential#BuildHerSelfEsteem with me



Financial resources to drive my vision through training girls and economically empower women build on self esteem and community capacity.


A Development Practitioner, trainer, girls and women rights advocate and environmentalist- Can train on life skills and economic aspects


Economic EmpowermentEducationEnvironmentGender-based ViolenceGirlsHealthHuman RightsLeadershipMen and BoysTechnology & Innovation



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