A Mother: a flower that never fades away with age

Posted May 13, 2018 from Tanzania
A mother is very beautiful like a flower the difference is that her loves never fades away with time

“A mother is like a beautiful flower that remains glowing; one that decorates the world with beautiful beings of all colors with her smiles giving hope to the world, with laughter that keeps the world happy, kind words that heal our hearts, gives tender love with a recipe 'peace' and leadership that we all need at any time in our lives. Forgive her if she failed you at any time in your life and get yourself a new start with her, for she needs you now more than ever.

A mother is bigger than words can say. She was created special. All Mothers and mothers to be are wonderful that’s why we all join today to celebrate all mothers, raising our voices wherever we are in the whole world and say to you all mothers ..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!.”

Quote: By Rosemary Ntoipo

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