The world is changing and I change with it. I learn. I grow. I re-evaluate. I invent. I challenge the status quo. My goal is human wellbeing and thriving.

Extreme summer temperatures around the world this year indicate that climate is changing. We are now at the effect of our governors choices that focused on manipulation of the environment for quick convenience, economic gain, and greater power. Not only are our skies, waters, and generous earth polluted by our drive for advancement and supremacy, so are our bodies.

Women are the social sensitives. We are the gardeners of human civilization and we rely on our intuitive, and instinctive, skills to know what is really happening in the world. It is our nature to know how to feed large numbers with limited supply which means we are natural economists, and leaders. We also know when it is wise to bend and when it is imperative to stand firm. When it comes to preserving life, women are fearless, and therefore at the cutting edge of ecology, conservation, and sustainability.

Here's what women I know are doing:

conserving water in basins to be resused; taking fewer and shorter showers; turning water off to wash and on to rinse; wearing clothes more than once, and hand washing the spots to reduce the number of loads in the washing machine; not asking for water in restaurants unless they intend to drink it. Educating the children to have greater understanding and respect for the environment, and to take nothing for granted.

energy conservation by optimizing our use of daylight to minimize electrical use; drying clothes on a line; creating shade to keep rooms cool instead of airconditioning; turning off airconditioning in hotels, motels, etc; layering clothes rather than using heaters; changing our eating habits; less frivolous baking.

recycling school books, clothes, toys, accessories, instruments, tech toys

community outreach in the form of ideas and skill sharing with others; creating food baskets; random acts of kindness; random acts of gratitude; random acts of environmental kindness, beach cleanup, street cleanup, and bringing someone's awareness to the benefits of environmental respect; building community solidarity by sharing stories, opening and holding doors for others, daily eye contact and "hello" to those we pass on the street. 

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Dear Roshanna,

It's amazing, isn't it, how small changes like drying clothes on a line can make such huge differences. Thank you for reminding us all about our role in the environment. You are right that as women we have the power to make great change.

All the best,


Hi Tamara,

Thanks for your note. Yep. We often forget the little things and the powerful effect those little things do for our souls as well as Earth's sustainability.



"It is your inalienable right to express the full potential of your being!¨




How truly a wonderful, succinct writer you are! Thank you so much for your reminders to all of us on the World Pulse forum of the innate importance of our female race! And, how utilizing our innate character qualities can and will contribute to saving our environment.

I smiled as I read your post thinking of the two large rain barrels,  that I have attached to the gutters on my house, to catch rain water minimizing my use of municiple water.  I also thought of the line I have between two trees where I feel appreciative to hang wet laundry to dry.  I heat with fire wood, and minimize use of the furnace when ever possible. And it was always me knocking on the bathroom door when my kids would be taking too long of a shower! (smile)

Instinctively, I find that I do and have always cut corners and made due with what I could, with less. I thank you for the reminder and recognition of our inherient value as women on this earth.  We not only produce life, we are charged with sustaining it as well.  For this reason alone, patriarchal cultural norms that oppress women around the world need to change if we're to survive as a planet.

Thank you for recognizing and sharing this essential quality in our nature as women.

Additionally, I personally thank you for the acknowledgement of me (smile).  

And with this, I agree... we must all continue to extend random acts of kindness and gratitude as well!

I would love to know more about you and your home land, Roshanna, and what efforts are taking place (large or small scale) to improve the global condition?  Your post was most appreciated! (By the way, I just went into your WP home site, and on-line web sites to learn more about you (Human Interrupted) ~ most fascinating! I plan to get your book!  ; ) 

With warm gratitude!!
















"I see you"

In peace and solidarity ~ strength



Hola Veronica,

what a delight to receive your message. Thank you for recognizing how easy it is to truly celebrate the simplicity of living. There is such deep satisfaction and regenerative feel to those moments of enjoyment as well. 

PS I am no exploring the brushing of my plants. Those with long leaves and trunks, I will 'comb' the leaves with my fingers and stroke the trunks as I say hello and sense how they are. I feel the leaves refreshing and I do believe they are happier as a result.

We are so fortunate to be connected!



"It is your inalienable right to express the full potential of your being!¨