So bad is corruption in our country that even the deceased are not meeted out justice!!

Roshni Kataria
Posted August 15, 2012 from India

Geetika Kanda, a young and ambitious girl, comitted suicide leaving behind a wailing mother and a brother who is helpless! Their cries of foul have not gotten her justice even after nearly 2 weeks of her having comitted suicide. It's irony that the prime accused in her suicide note was left scot free by our law enforcement agencies and has now succeded in leaving the country! What a farce ! Just because the ruling party at the Centre as well as the State co-incidentally happened to be the same and the prime accused was a Minister of the same Congress party, cries of foul first went unheard and then were slowly abetted. I want to use this platform to reach out to as many of you women out there and plead with you to please help this distraught family get their due.We may be of different nationalities, having different interests, but we share the comman cord of being born women. Please help wake up as many women as you can to the dangers lurking around us in various forms. Please spread this message to as many women you know so that this girl who is no more and her bereaved family get justice. Getting to the prime accuesed and bringing him back to India would be the first of those many steps to finally get justice for Geetika. The Government needs to be pressurised into extradiating the prime accused from his hideout and this would need as much support as possible, in all forms to do so. Please, Please HELP!!!

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